Drake Defends Standing By Nicki Minaj, “Sometimes I Get A Little Impulsive” [Audio]

Drake Defends Standing By Nicki Minaj, “Sometimes I Get A Little Impulsive” [Audio]

Young Money‘s Drake has defended his recent decision to stand up for Nicki Minaj and respond to Lil Kim‘s disses.

Despite being mocked by Kim, Drizzy said his focus is on his new album, Thank Me Later, but that he would always defend people he cares about.

“I really don’t care,” Drake said about Kim’s backlash toward him name-dropping her at a concert earlier this month. “My biggest thing is, sometimes I get a little impulsive when people start talking about people I love. I really don’t care what you say about me, you can say whatever you want. I’ll never respond to it, I’ll never react to it. But when you start talking about the people I love, I do get a little bit more reactive and that’s all that happened right there, but like I said, Nicki’s got records climbing the charts and today, Thank Me Later is out, so, it’s just about relevant people today, that’s all.” (YouTube)

Kim poked fun at Drake for revealing his true emotions and going at a female artist earlier this month.

“I used to really like Drake…for him to have the audacity to disrespect me? He’s gonna shout me out, when Ray J‘s the one who said it? How b*tchy do you look right now? You look like a straight p*ssy…You came at me, and I’m the f*king female… I didn’t even know [Ray J] was gonna do this sh*t….when he was on stage and he said what he said, I had no choice but to back him…” (Miss Info TV)

R&B singer Ray J initially called out Minaj about a week ago.

Ray J took a moment to express his feelings on females in rap, primarily Nicki Minaj. “I’m seeing a lot of Lil Kim imposters,” Ray J stated. “I’m not saying no names, but you know who,” he continued, referencing biting Kim’s style after calling Kim the greatest female rapper ever. Lil Kim added, “We love her. We just want her to pay homage,” making an obvious reference to Minaj. “If you don’t pay homage then f*ck you,” she concluded. (Hip Hop DX)

This was then followed by Drake name-dropping Kim at a Minaj connect.

“I know you be calling women b*tches in sh*t but I can’t say you the baddest b*tch. I can’t do that because I respect you, I love you too much and you look too beautiful. So I just wanna say you the baddest WOMAN to do this rap sh*t. I don’t give a f*ck what Lil’ Kim or nobody else is talkin about, you’re the baddest chick to ever do this sh*t! ” Nicki turned around laughing, then came back and hugged him. He told her “I love you.” Then he left the stage. (Necole Bitchie)

Check out Drake speaking on Lil Kim below:

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