Drake Defends Bromance W/ NCAA Star Quarterback: “I Love Him To Death”

Drake Defends Bromance W/ NCAA Star Quarterback: “I Love Him To Death”

Young Money’s Drake is putting his best foot forward to speak out in defense of NCAA football star Johnny Manziel in light of the backlash he has received from critics over the past season over his on and off-field antics.

Despite a perceived bad boy image, Drizzy said Johnny is a close friend and good person.

“Despite what some people report, I actually consider myself a positive reinforcement in his life. I try to keep him on track. I know he has a bright future and he’s displaying it right, especially in his last two performances,” Drake explained in an interview. “He’s a great guy and he’s got the best intentions. He does nothing with malicious intent. I love him to death. We’ve gone from sort of like I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine to genuine friends. And I think we’ll be friends for a long time. He is a pure soul. … He’s not a wild guy. He’s passionate about music and he’s passionate about football. In his free time when he (wasn’t) playing football, he chose to come see me. … For me it’s not about hanging out and looking cool because I know Johnny Manziel. I care about this guy.” (ESPN)

Drizzy is known for tossing out tweets in Johnny’s honor on his Twitter page.

“JOVOhnny Football!! Go Time!,” Drake tweeted September 14. (Drake’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, the Texas A&M star gave Drake an ode in the form of an OVO tattoo.

With all the attention given to Johnny Manziel’s autograph celebration and his three touchdowns this afternoon, it’s extremely easy to miss the neat little tattoo on the quarterback’s wrist. Manziel still found time to get himself an OVO tattoo through all the adventures he’s had this past year. Now every time ESPN zooms into Manziel in action–which will undoubtedly happen multiple times this season because he’s Johnny Manziel and because it’s ESPN–you’ll see OVO right there in black ink. (Complex)

Johnny and Drake reportedly share a relationship dating back to earlier this year.

This isn’t a slick, subconscious way of advertising Drake’s upcoming Nothing Was The Same. Manziel has been building a relationship with Drake since the two met in Toronto during this year’s spring break. Apparently, the meeting has changed Manziel’s life for the better according to him, although it’s not exactly clear how yet if he’s getting benched for misconduct this early in the season. In July, Drake gave Manziel a shoutout after SEC Media Day for the way he handled himself, so the relationship between the two has goes beyond fandom. There’s also that “money finger rub,” which it’s actually not. It’s a reference to TOPSZN, a movement associated with OVO. OB O’Brien, who’s part of the movement and a close friend of the artist, shouted out Manziel on Instagram for the celebration. Who knew Manziel was this tied to Drake’s circle? This quarterback never ceases to surprise, and this is off the football field we’re talking about. (Complex)

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