Drake Confirms Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye West Made “Thank Me Later” [Video]

Drake Confirms Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye West Made “Thank Me Later” [Video]

Young Money’s Drake recently talked about his upcoming Thank Me Later album and confirmed guest appearances by Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye West will be featured on the debut.

Drake also said his track with Wayne is relevant to the rapper’s current incarceration in Rikers Island.

“I got a great song with Lil Wayne and I’m excited because it’s very relevant to what’s going on with him right now,” Drake said in an interview. “I got a great song with Jay-Z. Kanye West did some great stuff on there. I can’t give [my ladies themed song] away yet, it’s my secret.” (Much Music)

In a prior interview, Drake revealed that his song with Wayne is called “Miss Me.”

“That’s actually a Lil Wayne song,” he explained in an interview referring to “Afrika Bambaataa.” “I don’t know where that confusion came from. I was just on set that day when he was shooting that video. That’s not even my song. I’m not even on it, to be honest with you. Me and Wayne have a song on my album — a song called ‘Miss Me.’ It’s a pretty straightforward [song]. It’s a song about being away from what you love and hoping that when you’re gone, doing you, somebody out there misses you. It goes for Wayne in his situation and it goes for me in my situation, ’cause I’m on the road for I don’t how long right now.” (MTV)

Last week, Drake confirmed his album’s new release date and discussed a possible movie career.

“The album comes out on June 15th,” Drake confirmed in an interview. “It was really just about me getting into the right creative head space and delivering a first album that people could all appreciate. So, I think I got it now. Yeah, June 15th, I’m excited…Television is sort of an exhausting, repetitive format to be in but I’m definitely, like after this album and I have another project I have in mind that I want to do but after that I’ll probably get back into some movies, yeah. I’m excited to do movies again. I like being on set.” (Music On Campus)

Producer Swizz Beatz recently talked about working with the rapper on his debut.

“The collaboration with me and Drake, expect the unexpected,” Beatz said in an interview. “It’s not something you can predict. Both of the joints are not something that you can predict. It’s like a very unique combination and he’s a very unique artist so it’s like when you get somebody that’s open-minded, they don’t want something that I already did or compare it to something that I already have on the radio which made it a very clear lane for me and Drake to collaborate the records that we did. The features on the track? It’s crazy. You’re gonna be like, ‘What? Who? When? Why? How?'” (Rap-Up)

Thank Me Later is scheduled to drop Tuesday, June 15th.

Check out Drake’s interview down below:

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