Drake Clears Up DJ Drama Mixtape Remarks, “In No Way Did I Intend To Discredit The Gangsta Grillz Brand”

Drake Clears Up DJ Drama Mixtape Remarks, “In No Way Did I Intend To Discredit The Gangsta Grillz Brand”

Young Money‘s Drake has cleared up confusion regarding recent remarks he made about DJ Drama‘s popular Gangsta Grillz mixtape series.

Referencing previously unreleased XXL Magazine interview outtakes speaking on mixtapes, Drizzy said he had no personal issues with Drama.

“In no way did I intend to discredit the Gangsta Grillz brand,” Drake said in a statement. “I have listened to many of Drama’s mixtapes and will continue to do so for years to come. I do prefer to listen to original content over freestyles because I like to hear how different artists put together an entire song from lyrics to hooks to beat selection. I just personally don’t feel I could carry an entire mixtape on other people’s beats and that was the only point I was attempting to get across.” (All Hip Hop)

Drake initially said he was unimpressed at the underground collections such as Gangsta Grillz.

“I just find that boring, you know. There’s certain people where it’s impressive, like with Lil Wayne, to hear him freestyling over other people’s beats for an hour is impressive because it’s just like, ‘Yo, this guy never runs out of clever sh*t to say,’ but for me, people might want to hear it, but it’s just not something that I really want to give you. I’d rather just give you something that lasts a little longer than that ’cause those mixtapes never really last much longer than six months. When the songs become played out…” (XXL Mag)

Drama also addressed the matter on Twitter.

“Mixtapes r vital part of hiphop tho…Lets not EVER forget that. Most of our most celebrated artists come frm or have benefited frm mixtapes including Drake…. At the end of day… Support quality music… In whatever form it comes out in! Now… Back to this money….!” (DJ Drama’s Twitter)

R&B singer Olivia recently addressed Drake releasing a statement purposely saying he never collaborated with her despite being featured on a mixtape cut, “Control.”

“I think that was corny, because it’s a mixtape,” she said in an interview. “[Drake] started off doing mixtapes. Are you serious? You really serious right now? I was like, ‘Wow.’ The producer sent it to me, everything was done. I’m thinking [Drake’s] part was signed off on…First of all, we heard you got paid for it. It was cleared. So I’m like, ‘Wow. That’s how we doing right now?’ But I’m good, ’cause you gave me more publicity. Thank you! Shout-out to Drizzy!” (MTV)

Check out a recent Drake interview below:

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