Drake & Chris Brown Spark Another Dispute, Go At Each Other Again

Drake & Chris Brown Spark Another Dispute, Go At Each Other Again

Young Money’s Drake and Chris Brown are reportedly taking their issues from last summer to the next level by getting their attorneys involved for a courtroom showdown.

According to new reports, Brown and Drizzy have taken legal action to avoid responsibility for last June’s publicized New York City club brawl.

Chris Brown and Drake are going after each other in court over their gargantuan brawl last June at W.i.P. nightclub in New York City … TMZ has learned. A guy named Romain Julien — a French model — filed suit against Brown, Drake and the club for the injuries he claims he suffered during the bottle-throwing fight. Now both Drake and Brown have filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which they point the guilty finger at each other. It’s a little technical, but each is asking the judge to pin the blame on the other. (TMZ)

Outside of going at each other face-to-face, this will be the first time either musican has taken their problems with one another to the courtroom.

Drake and Brown each claim they were not responsible for the fight and want the other to pay any damages in the event the model wins his suit. It’s the first time Brown and Drake — both of whom have been linked to Rihanna — have gone after each other in court. (TMZ)

Last November, Chris Breezy said he could not fully delve into what went down at the club due to legal reasons.

“The only reason I can’t talk about it is because we’re dealing with legal stuff. You know I’m trying to get paid and not trying to give out no information,” Brown said in an interview referring to the Drake incident. “We don’t talk about other guys. We just focus on the music. [Was it more of us hitting one another?] Nah. It’s none of that. I’m more reserved and I box, so it would have been none of that. You know exactly what that means. [laughs]” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

Following the altercaiton, Chris allegedly agreed to fight the Canadian rapper for the right price.

We hope Drake has been hitting the gym because Chris Brown has accepted an offer to fight the Canadian rapper, RumorFix is the first to report. One of our photographers caught up with Brown on Wednesday morning when he was asked if he would accept boxing promoter Damon Feldman‘s offer to square off in the ring against his nemesis. Brown did not hesistate for a moment when he shot back, “Yeah, I would. I would.” Feldman and wealthy entrepreneur Alki David say they will pay the winner of the fight $9 million, and the loser, a cool $1 million. Until now, both rappers had remained mum about the offer but Brown broke his silence this week with our cameras rolling. (RumorFix)

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