Drake Catches Heat For Trying To Put On For His City

Drake Catches Heat For Trying To Put On For His City

Young Money star Drake may represent for his Toronto hometown on records but a new billboard for his Take Care sophomore album has drawn negative reactions from Canadian officials.

According to reports, the city is upset over Drizzy’s decision to promote his album with a distinct font and inaccurate population total.

Drizzy Drake does not have the coolest feuds. Other rappers go at each other; Drake gets barked at by inanimate international hubs. The Toronto Star is reporting that the city of Toronto isn’t very happy with a billboard promoting Drake’s new album, Take Care. The font is too similar to the city’s official logo (fair enough), and the owl is just hideously drawn. Plus, there’s way more people living in Toronto. The city is reviewing its options; we hope that means a cease-and-desist order, if only so his next album can be titled Drizzy Vs. City Hall, or something. When we spoke to Drake last month, he talked about feeling like a king when he’s in Toronto. If a lawsuit comes up, we’d love to see that used as his legal defense. (Black Book Mag)

A city official has specified her issues with Drizzy’s billboard.

“We would suggest,” city spokesperson Francine Antonio-Forte said in an email, “that the treatment of the word Toronto used on the billboard is very similar to the wordmark that forms part of the Toronto logo. The similarity of the wordmarks, in conjunction with other creative elements used for the billboard, may cause some confusion about the source of the information. … While the city is proud of its local and international talent, we have a general practice of reviewing and addressing reported or known cases related to the possible misuse of the Toronto logo,” she said. (Toronto Star)

Last year, the rapper discussed his love for Toronto fans.

“Toronto is the biggest inspiration behind my music,” he said in an interview. “I do everything I do for Toronto. It’s a city I really believe in. It’s got a bunch of great people. We got a lot of undiscovered things in Toronto, man: women, nightlife, restaurants, clubs and talent. Women, first. I just wanna bring the city to the forefront. I feel like every place needs an ambassador. They need somebody to show the rest of the world how magical that place can be. I think Jay[-Z] does it for New York, a lot of people do it for Atlanta, Kanye did it for Chicago. A lot of rappers take it upon themselves. So I just really wanna be that guy for Toronto.” (Canadian Press)

Outside of city issues, Drake’s new sophomore album has sold nearly 900,000 copies.

Leading the way this week is Drake’s Take Care remaining at No. 4 with 90,200 behind Justin Bieber‘s Under the Mistletoe (133,500), Adele’s 21 (143,600) and Michael Buble‘s Christmas (292,500). According to Nielsen SoundScan, Drizzy’s sophomore album has sold 894,400 units after three weeks in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

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