Drake Can’t Take The Heat, “I Can Never Hold Down Young Money Because I’m Not Lil Wayne”

Drake Can’t Take The Heat, “I Can Never Hold Down Young Money Because I’m Not Lil Wayne”

Young Money’s Drake recently talked about leading the way for his camp and why he could never fill Lil Wayne‘s shoes.

Despite his fame and fortune, Drake said Wayne will always be the leader of Young Money.

“You know what, man? I rap and I rap very confident. But in my actually head, I can never hold down Young Money because I’m not Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is who we look up to. He’s our mentor. I will definitely do everything to keep the brand going, keep Young Money on people’s minds. But Lil Wayne is the only one — he’s the epicenter of that all. I definitely don’t wanna take on that responsibility. I just wanna put out this album, give the people this great music and have the people understand it’s coming from Young Money. If you do enjoy it, then please, give all the credit to Young Money because that’s who I represent. But as far as me being able to ‘hold it down,’ that’s not even a conversation. Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne. He’s my hero, my mentor and he’s the reason I’m here. I do it in honor of him as opposed to filling the void.” (MTV)

Since being jailed last March on a gun conviction, Drake has vouched for his mentor.

“One of my biggest influences ended up being a close friend of mine, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne who is actually responsible for my career has always been a huge influence to me and one of my heroes,” Drake said in an interview. “I’ve talked to Wayne since he’s been in jail. In my opinion, he didn’t do anything wrong. I think that was the opportunity to make an example of somebody who didn’t deserve to be made an example out of.” (CNN)

Last month, Drake rapped a “Free Lil Wayne” freestyle at a concert.

“All right, f*ck it, this is what I say,” Drake told an Atlanta crowd. “I say on behalf of Weezy, f*ck the NYPD/Don’t believe what they be saying about us on the TV, talking sh*t is easy/Being real is harder, who’d a thought the real would come way across the border/Free my n*gga Tunechi, he ain’t even do sh*t/One more shout to Boosie, shot goes out to Gucci…” (Real Talk NY Video)

Wayne was sentenced to a year behind bars last March.

Lil Wayne has been sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty in a New York City gun case. The Grammy Award-winning rapper was taken away in handcuffs to start serving his term immediately after his sentencing. He’ll serve his sentence in city jails, not a state prison. He could be released in about eight months with good behavior. (CBS News)

Check out Drake’s “Free Weezy” freestyle down below:

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