Drake & Busta Rhymes Get Recruited, Help Stiffen iTunes Competition [Video]

Drake & Busta Rhymes Get Recruited, Help Stiffen iTunes Competition [Video]

Young Money’s Drake and newly signed Cash Money Records rapper Busta Rhymes were tagged to help kick-off Google’s new Google Music service, which is set to take on digital retailer iTunes.

Drizzy and Busta officially displayed their support for the new start-up service by performing at Google Music’s launch party Wednesday (November 16) night.

Google and T-Mobile teamed up Wednesday night for the official Google Music release party at the Mr. Brainwash studio in Los Angeles. Busta Rhymes opened for Google, teasing the audience with old-school beats before he announced his official signing with Cash Money Records and his excitement about Google Music’s presence on the Android market. … Within 5 minutes of Paris Hilton‘s incessant and repetitive questioning, loud screams and shrieks from Drake’s fan-base made it clear he was performing. I was standing in front of thousands of people looking up at him. I looked behind me. I watched girls scream, raise their hands hoping for some acknowledgement–I even saw one girl tearing as she held her “Take Care” album up against her chest, as if she was praying to the beat of “Make Me Proud.” (Jewish Journal)

Busta also decided to release his new “Why Stop Now” single exclusively through iTunes’ newest competitor.

After dominating 2011?s charts and cleaning up award ceremonies with his feature on Chris Brown‘s “Look At Me Now”, Busta Rhymes and Breezy join forces for this cut from Busta’s forthcoming LP E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End Of The World entitled “Why Stop Now”. But that’s not the biggest part of things, the rap legend has joined forces with Google’s new venture Google Music to not only release the track for free (download it here), the new E.L.E album will debut exclusively on Google Music. (Soul Culture)

Despite its publicized launch, there are reportedly some minor glitches with Google Music.

So, how does Google Music match up to iTunes? It’s decidedly less smooth: I experienced glitches on two (non-Chrome) browsers, and the general look of the site feels like an awkward mash of your iTunes library and the Netflix homepage. But there are reasons to be optimistic. Google made a big point of pushing its free music. It will offer a Free Song of the Day: Currently, it’s “Sound and Vision,” by David Bowie, and there are lots of other freebies available. (My first three free downloads: “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit, and “Zero Gravity” by Teddy Bears.) (Entertainment Weekly)

Although still in its beginning stages, a few major record companies have partnered with Google’s new music service.

So far, Google has signed up three of the four major record labels — Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI — but has not yet reached a deal with the Warner Music Group, which has a 20-percent share of the U.S. market. Among the Warner acts you won’t find on Google Music are Wiz Khalifa, Nickelback, Frank Sinatra, Green Day, Gucci Mane and Mastodon. (MTV)

Check out footage from the event below:

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