Drake Announces Lil Wayne “Welcome Home Weezy” Celebration [Video]

Drake Announces Lil Wayne “Welcome Home Weezy” Celebration [Video]

Young Money’s Drake has divulged his plans to put on a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert upon incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne‘s release from Rikers Island this November.

Broadcasting via Ustream last night, while Drake did confirm plans of a celebration in the works, he did not disclose an exact location for the event.

A fitting homecoming is already being planned for Lil Wayne. The day after he is expected to be released from jail, the Cash Money rapper will celebrate by throwing a welcome home concert. Drake made the announcement during his Ustream session on Thursday, saying it would take place on November 5, but an exact location was not disclosed. Drizzy has a show the day before in Los Angeles and the day after in Las Vegas. Lil Wayne is serving his time at Rikers Island in New York. “Undisclosed location, November 5, the Welcome Home Weezy concert,” said Wayne’s protégé while sipping on Pinot Grigio in his Toronto crib. “You might as well camp out at all different locations. That’s gonna be crazy.” (Rap-Up)

Thursday night also saw the release of Drake and Lil Wayne’s “Miss Me” music video.

Drake’s “Miss Me” video featuring Lil Wayne debuted Thursday night (August 19) on MTV. The clip starts with a man in a hood standing in an alley. He’s lighting up a Molotov cocktail and throwing it at the wall. The music starts, and we see Drake performing against a white backdrop, but the shot is wide and reveals a black setting as well. “Miss Me” has heavy performance scenes throughout Drizzy’s verse, and then we see a TV set in the alley. Lil Wayne appears on the wall in the alley rapping, and he again is shown on the wall in the room where Drake and the girl are, like a projection. (MTV)

Still awaiting a November 4th release for his gun conviction, Wayne has kept fans up-to-date with his prison experience through occasional blogs.

“Well ain’t nothing going on in here but the time, which seems like it’s taking forever,” Wayne wrote in his new blog entry titled Just Another Day. “I’m trying to make the most out of every second tho, mentally. There’s some pretty cool people in here. Even though this isn’t a cool place to be. I’ve learned plenty already and the best lesson is to not come back. Last night, I kicked a** in UNO! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Just thought I’d let y’all know. Gotta stay hydrated. Though it’s hot, I still work out. Now don’t be expecting me to look like Hercules when I get out, but I should be a little bulky. I guess. Anyways, please remember to always check for your name in the “thank yous”. I’m always reading letters and responding. Off the subject but her Chris, I think you should team up with Kobe! Go Lakers! Hey Lindsey, glad it’s over doll. I should have written her huh? Young Money, you’re the best I ever had. Look out for Nino 3, and I Am Not A Human Being. Coming soon. Mother, I love you. Nae, you’re my angel. Lil Tunechi Jr., you’re the man. Lil Kam, you’re the best heartbreaker. Lil Neal, you’re the littler meatball.” (Weezy Thanx You)

Earlier this month, Wayne gave his first Rikers Island radio interview to New York radio host Funkmaster Flex.

“I’ll definitely move more carefully,” Wayne told radio personality Funkmaster Flex about precautions he will take after leaving Rikers Island in November. “Everybody says you’re here for a reason, so, I promise you Flex, I try to find that reason everyday. I think when I get out, that’ll be the only time I’ll know the answer…[I’m Not A Human Being EP] will drop before Tha Carter IV, only on the Internet. It’s stuff I recorded right before I came in. I don’t want the phone to hang-up on us so I want to say thank-you to all my fans and I love you Flex for giving me this opportunity…” (In Flex We Trust)

Check out footage of Drake’s Ustream session down below:

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