Drake Admits “Thank Me Later” Isn’t A Classic

Drake Admits “Thank Me Later” Isn’t A Classic

Breakout Young Money star Drake reflects on his Thank Me Later debut and how much more he has to develop as an artist in the new Fall 2010 issue of Men’s Fashion.

Based on an excerpt from his feature, Drake speaks on his long-awaited debut falling short of epic standards.

“I feel like I did a good job on Thank Me Later, but I feel like I could get better,” Drake said in his feature. “I could just tell better stories. I’m watching people speak, watching other people’s careers, watching friends, watching lovers, everything. Just watching. I’m willing to learn with my eyes open.” (Men’s Fashion)

Last month, Drake talked about what regrets he had with Thank Me Later.

“The saddest part to me is that I would have made ‘9 AM in Dallas’ the intro for the album, but I did it the day of mastering, which is crazy, so it couldn’t make the album,” Drake said in an interview. “That’s probably my greatest upset, was the fact that it couldn’t be on the physical disc and be a part of that album. ‘Darlin’ ‘ was a loss just because it was never mixed, and every time I hear it in the club, you can never really hear the words…Most of the music we held for a long time, and the stuff that did leak, it was pretty good references. It wasn’t anything I was too upset about. ‘Shut It Down’ leaking early was painful. I think it could have been a bigger record had it not been out there so long. And ‘Fall for Your Type’ I wish was on there, but I have other plans for that record, so it’s gonna be good.” (MTV)

After his album leaked in May, Drake publicly addressed the matter via Twitter.

“I gave away free music for years so we’re good over here…just allow it to be the soundtrack to your summer and ENJOY! JUNE 15th!” (Drake’s Twitter)

Since dropping in June, Drake’s debut has already passed the one-million albums sold mark.

Young Money rapper Drake’s Thank Me Later received a two-slot boost to No. 16 with 19,800. With three months to his name, the emcee’s debut currently rests at 1,033,600 records to date. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out a recent Drake interview down below:

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