Dr. Dre’s Protege Says 50 Cent Needs Just A Touch, “He Kind Of Forgot What It Was To Make A Street Record”

Dr. Dre’s Protege Says 50 Cent Needs Just A Touch, “He Kind Of Forgot What It Was To Make A Street Record”

Aftermath Records’ Slim the Mobster recently gave his input on G-Unit general 50 Cent and why his quality of street music has slighly deteriorated since hitting millionaire status.

In Slim’s eyes, 50’s sudden wealth surge has made it hard for him to return to his pre-fame gritty music-making days.

“50 got a lot of money, he kind of forgot what it was to make a street record. I’m not saying that to talk sh*t about him, I’m just saying that in the light of, when you get money, even [Dr.] Dre, it’s hard to talk about being broke when you’ve got money. I don’t got no hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m straight. My struggle was a few years back. Don’t expect me to rap about being broke when you’ve got money.” (Good Fella Media)

In June 2009, 50 blamed record labels for forcing artists to cater toward making club records.

“If you don’t make a record that can actually play to a certain amount of audience, there is no possible way you’re going to get the marketing dollars necessary from your system to promote the project to the point that you have the huge successful records that I’ve had. Now I’ve made enough street material prior to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ for you to forget ‘In Da Club’ was ‘In Da Club.’ And then the Curtis album, I didn’t make any of that music prior to that album and while other artists chose to sing their entire record, I chose to collaborate with other singers and they said that was the weakest album for me because the hip-hop community feels it’s up to me to give them the aggressive content. They don’t believe the other guys have experienced any portion of that lifestyle.” (Hot 97)

He previously spoke on the rap game needing to return to hardcore hip-hop.

“This one was exciting for me,” Fif said about his mixtape. “I have [writing] spurts. Like when I did [the original version of] The Massacre. I recorded the album in three days. It was like this [with War Angel]: two-verse songs. No third verse is on these records…It’s a cycle, creatively…It was a lot of soft music, a lot of lighthearted music, then DMX came out. Then it was like, ‘That’s what I’m talking about.’ ‘Get at Me Dog,’ it was that material that had that energy around it, then it got all lighthearted and soft all over again. Then there was 50 Cent, and that went on for five years.” (MTV)

Over the weekend, Fif announced plans to drop a new celebratory EP.

“Its been 10 years since I put out 50cent is the future. So I’m putting out the BIG 10 next week 10 smoking hot tracks #SK,” 50 tweeted November 27th.

“I’m shooting videos for every song on the tape. The BIG 10 I got something for a haters a** it called hits lol #SK” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Check out Slim the Mobster’s interview below:

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