Dr. Dre’s Protégé Named In Cocaine Case, Rapper Calls Out Jimmy Henchman

Dr. Dre’s Protégé Named In Cocaine Case, Rapper Calls Out Jimmy Henchman

Aftermath Records rap newcomer Slim the Mobster is catching heat from incarcerated music executive James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond who claims he had a role in an illegal drug operation.

According to reports, Henchman’s relationship with Slim revolved around a weapon and illegel drug connection.

Prosecutor and lead case agent Steven Miller spent the majority of the morning testifying about evidence that was seized from Rosemond’s Brooklyn, New York luxury apartment. Through his investigation of the “Rosemond Organization,” agent Miller and investigators managed to flip several key members of the organization, who recorded wires and testified against the mogul. During his testimony, Miller said that Rosemond had as many as eight different suppliers of cocaine. Agent Miller said that James Rosemond was introduced to an individual named “Two T’s,” through Compton, California rapper Game. Two T’s and Rosemond would ship the drugs to Atlanta, using R&B singer Akon’s name, since Two T’s had a number of drug retailers in the region. Another individual who supplied cocaine to Rosemond was an individual known as “Superman.” Agent Miller said that in addition to selling cocaine to Rosemond, he also supplied Compton rapper Slim Da Mobster with rifles and cocaine. Rosemond also had a relationship with Slim Da Mobster, who allegedly sold Rosemond a firearm in 2008. (AHH)

Immediately following these reports, Slim stepped up to deny the accusations.

“@JimmyRosemond I love the way you lie,” he tweeted May 31st.

“This shit CRAZY……” (Slim the Mobster’s Twitter)

This comes roughly a week after Grammy-winning rapper Wyclef Jean got tagged to the investigation.

But during the trial, prosecutors introduced an October 13, 2011 Proffer Agreement, where Rosemond met with authorities in hopes of ultimately reaching a Cooperation Agreement with prosecutors. During the session on October 13, Rosemond admitted to a number of illegal activities. He admitted that 80 to 90 percent of his income was funded by drug money, and that he laundered the cocaine money through a variety of means. He also admitted that he gave Wyclef Jean $60,000 in cash from drug proceeds as a loan, without Wyclef’s knowledge. The government also said they began investigating Rosemond and Wyclef’s business dealings, after Rosemond received over $800,000 in checks associated companies controlled by Wyclef Jean and his tour manager. (All Hip Hop)

The trial of Jimmy Henchman officially kicked off last month in New York City.

Mr. Rosemond’s lawyer, Gerald L. Shargel, said in his opening statement that his client was nothing more than “a perfect scapegoat for accusation.” “James Rosemond never touched a kilo of cocaine,” Mr. Shargel said. “He is not that kingpin that the government says he was.” On Monday afternoon, Carlos Giraldo, a special agent with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, testified that he used UPS shipping labels in August 2009 to track down several kilograms of cocaine believed to be connected to Mr. Rosemond’s organization. Some of the packages, he said, were wrapped in plastic bags covered in “dressing.” Court documents identified the substance as mustard, used to camouflage the contraband from drug-sniffing dogs. As a prosecutor, Soumya Dayananda, showed the jury the cocaine that Mr. Giraldo seized — some of it in plastic bags the size of five-pound packages of rice — Mr. Rosemond rocked in his chair with his hands clasped together touching his lips. (New York Times)

In September 2011, reports emerged claiming he also received more federal charges.

Federal prosecutors in New York unveiled new and potentially damaging charges against hip hop talent agent James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, indicting him for allegedly possessing a sub-machine gun and silencer. Rosemond already faces drug trafficking charges that were announced in June, but the new allegations come in an expanded superseding indictment that includes the weapons violations. “It adds several gun charges,” Assistant US Attorney Todd Kaminsky told a federal judge today, referring to the new indictment. Brooklyn federal prosecutors are accusing the music impresario of illegally possessing a Mac-11 sub-machine gun and a Ruger 9mmm semi-automatic pistol. (New York Post)

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