Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Lessons Paying Off, Says Game [Video]

Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Lessons Paying Off, Says Game [Video]

West Coast rapper Game recently devled into the launch of his new Rolex Records label and credited lessons he learned from Dr. Dre for molding his latest business venture.

Working alongside former Aftermath rapper Stat Quo, Game said their focus is purely on putting out quality music which can also get packaged and sold to millions.

“We compiled a bunch of things that was taught to both of us individually by Dr. Dre and our own separate experiences on Aftermath and we created Rolex Records. It’s a no tolerance, only dope music. We’re not putting out anything subpar and if we don’t get the greatest new artists or the best new artist that we feel can sell millions of records, then we’re not even going to do it, man. We got a few people that are in demo mode and hopefully somebody jumps out. It’s kind of like a hood ‘American Idol’ internally. Wait and hopefully somebody jumps out, we’ll have somebody soon.” (BET)

In early December, Stat Quo confirmed the buzz surrounding their new company.

“All artist writters an producers looking to submit music to me an @thegame for Rolex Records go to http://blazetrak.com,” he tweeted December 1st. (Stat Quo’s Twitter)

The platinum-selling rapper broke the news of Rolex Records a few weeks ago.

“I just started a new record label, Rolex Records, and we’re going to get off the ground and see if we can move,” he says. The label is a joint venture between Game and fellow rapper, Stat Quo. “He was signed to Aftermath with me in the beginning. Now we’re business partners, which is cool because he was a good friend of mine and he’s just as equally music smart so we’ll see how it goes,” says Game. (Billboard)

He also hinted at the possibility of dropping his own retail efforts through the label.

“Jesus Piece” fulfills the rapper’s contractual obligations to Interscope and it looks like he will be handling his future releases on his own terms going forward. He confirms to Billboard that he is planning to use the label as an outlet to put out his new music, adding “that is the idea behind it.” As Rolex Records is still in the beginning stages, Game says he hasn’t had much time to figure out his long-term goals for the label. “We’ve been up and running for about 30 days. We’re gonna do it big though.” He mentioned that he had just secured an office space for Rolex in Los Angeles. (Billboard)

Check out Game’s interview:

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