Dr. Dre Squeezes Ice Cube Into “Detox”, Reunites W/ Ex-N.W.A. Member

Dr. Dre Squeezes Ice Cube Into “Detox”, Reunites W/ Ex-N.W.A. Member

West Coast rap mogul Dr. Dre has reserved a guest slot for former N.W.A. group member Ice Cube on his long-awaited Detox album.

Cube recently said he hoped to also get Dre to produce on his upcoming I Am The West album as well.

“Dre is a master. What’s cool about working with Dre is he stays the same. Everyone else change and trip, but I remember working with Dre back when we just in the garage. Just the two of us. And he works the same way. Don’t come up with an empty palette, bring a lot of ideas to the plate…He’s making a great record. I’m on it. I’m proud to be, I can’t wait to get back to L.A. to get back in the studio with him. I’m trying to get a few tracks for my record I Am The West that’s coming out in July.” (All Hip Hop)

Dre’s new album is expected to be released sometime in the fall.

Will we be able to get our hands on Detox this year? Dr. Dre provided the latest update on when his long-delayed opus will finally arrive in stores. “The song with Jay-Z should be out next month. We’ll see how that goes,” the Doc told Terrence and Rocsi on Wednesday’s “106 & Park.” The first single, “Under Pressure,” features Jay-Z and production from Scott Storch. As for the album, Dre gave us a reason to want a short summer. “Hopefully at the beginning of fall,” he revealed. (Rap-Up)

Producer Scott Storch recently shared his thoughts on what Detox will have to offer.

“I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they hear it. It’s definitely a departure from a lot of the stuff Dre has done and the stuff Dre and I have done in the past. It’s a hybrid…I think he’s looking for like three more records…So that should take about 400 records to get those three. He’s got pretty high standards.” (DJ Skee TV)

In March, Game discussed what Dre has been like in the studio.

“I’ll let you know that right now it’s definitely, definitely going to come, and Dre’s been working harder than ever. Everybody’s been in and out the studio. I’ve been in grinding with him, I’m going back in tomorrow to actually work some more, and get it to where we can all come to that happy medium where we’re like. ‘Damn, we finally got Detox and man it’s crazy.’ I can definitely guarantee you that however long he makes us wait–he can push it back for eight more years and it’ll just be that much bigger, man–’cause Dre’s not gonna put it out until it’s 100 percent the idea he had when he started, and hopefully he picked the dates. I don’t pick the dates but I just can tell you I’ve been working on it.” (VIBE)

Check out Scott Storch speaking on Dr. Dre’s Detox down below:

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