Dr. Dre Set To Revive Rich Boy W/ New Music

Dr. Dre Set To Revive Rich Boy W/ New Music

Dr. Dre has reportedly been locking in studio time to help Southern rapper Rich Boy with his comeback album, Resurrected in Diamonds.

According to Boy, Dre is one of various hitmakers helping helm the project.

I’m on the way to the second album of my career. I’ve just been up here workin’ with Polow, and workin’ with Dr. Dre… Been workin’ with all kinds of people, but those are the main two people that I’ve just been seein’ on a day-to-day note tryin’ to put it together. Polow’s the executive producer of the second [album]. I don’t have a date yet, but what I’m hoping for is, at the latest, first quarter of next year, but I’m shootin’ for fourth quarter [of this year]. I just wanna warm up in the fourth quarter and then come out in the first quarter [of next year].” (XXL Mag)

Last February, Boy said he was investing time with producer Polow da Don and Danjahandz.

“Polow’s never been the type to just want to do the whole album,” Rich Boy said in an interview. “He always believed in us going in with other producers. I just came out the studio with Danja last week in L.A. I’ve been in with a lot of hot producers on this album.” Guests on the album include R&B singers Mario and Lloyd. Drake and his melodic rhymes also make a cameo. “Drake, you know how he do. He do his melodizing. He did his thing,” says Rich Boy. “But we also did a song way back before he blew up called ‘Must Hate Money’ and you could YouTube it. I kinda had a good feeling about him. He did this track, brought it to me in Atlanta, and by the time he blew up I was surprised. He put it on a couple of his mixtapes [Comeback Season]. So I’m surprised that Drake did his thing like that. I’m most definitely proud of that guy.” (VIBE)

In summer 2009, Rich Boy said his new album would stray away from drug-based raps.

“[The album] is going to be more substance, man, because what had happened was, it messed my head up, I was riding through this project called Roger Wiliams, and this kid had asked me, ‘Why you rap about crack so much, Richy,'” he explained in an interview. “And it just messed my head up to the point where I couldn’t get mad at the little cat. I was just like, I could tell he seen something real dealing with crack. So I was just like, ‘Man, for the kids like that, I’d rather change my topic.’ If I know kids like that are listening to me…But not fully. I’m going to keep it real and rap about the sh*t I’ve seen, but I’m not going to glorify it…When I leave out the game, when I stop, I’m gonna be top 10…And I put this on everything. I’m gonna be top 10.” (VIBE)

Rich Boy’s debut album dropped nearly three years ago.

Rich Boy landed a contract with Interscope and began working on his first album. In the meantime, he appeared on one of Ludacris‘ Disturbing tha Peace compilations and dropped in on a handful of mixtapes — including DJ Ideal and Jermaine Dupri‘s Da Bottom, Vol. 5. With DJ Drama, he released the Bring It to the Block mixtape in late 2006. His official, self-titled debut was released during March 2007. (All Music)

Check out some past Rich Boy footage down below:

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