Dr. Dre Says Watch Out For Shady: “Em Is Finishing Up His Project” [Audio]

Dr. Dre Says Watch Out For Shady: “Em Is Finishing Up His Project” [Audio]

West Coast rap icon Dr. Dre has updated fans on the status of longtime friend Eminem’s untitled upcoming solo album and revealed a new interest in getting back into the studio.

While he briefly touched on Em’s next LP, the Doc said he has returned to making his own music with three decades already to his name.

“Em is finishing up his project,” Doc revealed in an interview. “And for me, man, I’ve just gotten inspired again to go back into the studio, so I’m just really having fun with life and having fun with being creative and trying new and different things with myself, just trying to stay active. As you know, it’s been almost 30 years for me in music. It’s a little bit difficult to keep getting inspired to get back in there but you know, music is my first love and I’m going to continue to do that as long as I can.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

Last month, Em’s manager Paul Rosenberg promised a post-Memorial Day release for his next solo effort.

According to Shady president Paul Rosenberg, Eminem, who last Bad Meets Evil’s “Hell: The Sequel” with Royce Da 5’9 in 2011, is “far into the process” of recording his untitled eighth studio album, due after Memorial Day. “We fully expect to be releasing a new Eminem album in 2013. He’s been working on it for some time,” Rosenberg tells Billboard, who was included on this year’s Billboard Power 100 list. “It’s safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we’re not exactly sure when. We’ve got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we’re trying to see what else lines up.” (Billboard)

Last year, Shady revealed beginning work alongside Dre for his follow-up LP.

“Yeah, of course he’ll be involved,” he said. “I usually get going and kind of start going a certain direction and just record what I’m feeling. Then I’ll go see Dre and fill in some of those pieces.” (Shade 45)

In May, Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 spilled the beans on Marshall Mathers’ return to new music-making.

“Em is fantastic,” Royce said in an interview with radio personalityTim Westwood. “He’s in the studio right now, in between mixing our stuff and working on his solo stuff. He’s keeping hisself real busy.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Check out Dr. Dre’s interview:

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