Dr. Dre Reveals Secret To Longevity, “I’m Not A Person That Really Gives A F*ck About Being On Camera”

Dr. Dre Reveals Secret To Longevity, “I’m Not A Person That Really Gives A F*ck About Being On Camera”

Renowned hip-hop producer Dr. Dre has revealed his secret to longevity in hip-hop and how he has been able to maintain his privacy from the public for over 20 years.

Admitting he does like to socialize, Dre stressed the importance of being in controlled situations.

“I’m really protective of my family, myself and my image. It’s one of the reasons for my longevity in the business. I’m not a person that really gives a f*ck about being on camera or people taking pictures of me. I like being to myself. I have my designated events, I do like to party and have fun but in controlled environments, like the room you’re sitting in right now.” (Nodfactor)

Recently, Dre discussed the possibility of hanging up the microphone for good upon the release of his upcoming third solo album, The Detox.

“I don’t ever see myself retiring totally from music, because I have a genuine love and passion for it,” he said. “But as far as me going into the mic booth, that sh*t is over. I’m always going to talent scout and try to find new artists to work with. But, yeah, that’s it. I don’t see myself doing it the way I’m doing it now. I’m in the studio at least five or six days a week for 16, 18 hours. I think I’m going to back off a little bit and spend some time with the family.” (XXL Mag)

Over the summer, hitmaker Rico Love talked to SOHH about working on the Doc’s next LP.

“Yeah, I’m working on a few records with him on Detox,” Rico revealed to SOHH. “We got in last week in LA and we’re gonna be doing some more in the near future but I will tell you this. He played me some stuff that I was bugging over, I was like, ‘This album is ready to go right now! You don’t even need me here!'” Everybody [who has heard the album] is saying the same thing because it’s all true. Dre has some music that you would be like, ‘Why don’t you just put this out?’ But like [I’ve] said, we can’t get into the brains of these guys. They believe their music should have a certain standard beyond what other artists are thinking.” (SOHH)

Based on recent published reports, Detox is now set to hit stores in February.

Not that we believe him or anything, but Dr. Dre announced his long-awaited album Detox is set for a February 2011 release. But, he’s probably lying, and we don’t know why keep going back to him after he makes promises like this and just keeps us waiting. We should probably just go back home and live with our mother while we think things over and try to decide if he’s worth believing this time. Detox will feature guest appearances from Dre’s friends Eminem, the Game, La Roux, and Jay-Z along with Snoop Dogg and Akon, who appeared on the single “Kush,” which will receive an official release on Sunday when it becomes available for download. (Prefix Mag)

Since 1984, Dr. Dre has been a part of hip-hop through album production for artists including Game, N.W.A., 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Eminem, D12, Eve, Raekwon, Busta Rhymes and more.

Check out some recent Dr. Dre footage below:

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