Dr. Dre On Eminem’s “Relapse” LP, “It’s Hardcore Dark Comedy”

Dr. Dre On Eminem’s “Relapse” LP, “It’s Hardcore Dark Comedy”

Dr. Dre has weighed in on the overall quality of Eminem‘s Relapse album and hinted at the rapper’s obsessive work ethic.

In addition to the album, Doc also spoke on the young fans’ anticipation for the return of Slim Shady.

“It’s hardcore, it’s dark comedy,” Dre said in an interview about Relapse. “I talked to my son about [Em’s return] and he was like ‘The kids want to him act a fool. We want to hear him be crazy, we want to hear him be Slim Shady and nothing else.’…Once he makes a painting, once he lays a lyric down, it’s impossible to get him to change it. If there’s a couple of lines he says on a record that’s not relevant today, it’s ‘No, that was that painting. That was for that moment.'” (New York Times)

Em’s official deejay The Alchemist recently spoke on the likelihood of Relapse becoming an instant classic.

“I just got back from Detroit, was with Em for like three or four days working,” Al explained in an interview. “Got a chance to listen to the whole album and man, I love my album and it’s coming out in mid-June, when he played his album I wanted to throw mine away, straight up… Like when he was playing me the album, like, I didn’t wanna say it ’cause I was like thinking of his whole body of work and I was like, ‘This might be some of his best body of work,’ in my opinion. It’s 16 Dr. Dre beats, it’s like Em kinda decided, I’m assuming, when was the last time you heard a full production of Dr. Dre’s music through and through, minus one joint, Em did one joint. The attention Dre put on those beats is the equivalent to the attention Em put on to the writing.” (The Maguire)

Known for being compared to Em due to similar flows and racial backgrounds, Asher Roth also spoke on the project’s dark side.

“I’ve heard the Relapse album and, speaking honestly, it’s very aggressive and dark and it’s…it’s not easy-listening,” he explained in an interview. “But when you get down to it, it’s a grower, because you sit here and you’re witnessing somebody who’s putting so much of himself out there, and it’s just like, ‘Whoa.’ You feel the depression and you feel how upset and how crazy these last few years and the whole ride has been for him. Like I said, for somebody to keep their cool, as stressful as the everyday world is, and then try to take on the responsibilities of being a public figure, and having all the hardships he’s had to deal with and to have him still come out the beautiful human being he is, there’s nothing else to say but ‘Bravo.’ (MTV)

While an official count will not be ready until next week, one-day estimates have Marshall Mathers’ fifth solo project debuting atop the charts.

He may be a homophobic, pill-popping, celeb-dissing misogynist, but there are at least 600-650k others who can relate to Eminem. That’s the number of people we estimate will pick up the Detroit hip-hop bad boy’s Relapse, his first album for Shady/Aftermath/Interscope in almost five years, based on reports from retailers across this great nation of ours who haven’t yet hung up a ‘For Lease’ sign. (Hits Daily Double)

Be sure to check Sales Wrap next week to see how Relapse performs on the charts.

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