Dr. Dre Names His Favorite Rapper, “I’m Waiting For His Record Right Now”

Dr. Dre Names His Favorite Rapper, “I’m Waiting For His Record Right Now”

West Coast producer Dr. Dre has named his favorite emcee currently in the rap game and mentioned what artists have remained in his radar as of late.

According to the “Doc,” he is currently prescribed to the sounds of Jay-Z and hopes to hop on his Blueprint III follow-up.

“I mean Jay is my favorite. I’m a huge Jay -Z fan. I love it. I’m waiting for his record right now. Hopefully, I’ll get a track on it. We’ll see. Yeah I love it. Because it helps keep alive the type of music that I love to do.” (XXL Magazine)

Dre also said he has kept tabs with Jay’s Roc Nation artist, J. Cole.

“Just recently, actually, I’ve heard some really good artists. I’m a fan of J. Cole. I like Don Trip. Those two I was actually in this studio working with recently, and I really like their vibe. Especially J. Cole. I think that kid has a serious future ahead of him. He’s articulate. The way he speaks is – he’s got it. All he needs is the record now.” (XXL Magazine)

Earlier this year, Dre’s “Under Pressure” Jay-Z collaboration leaked online.

The leak, whose rough-take vibe I cannot stress enough, is not an immediate stunner. Dr. Dre takes the first verse, spitting some decently clever bars (presumably penned with help from Jay) over clubby bleeps and bloops. “Maybe I don’t want to stop, maybe I don’t want to quit,” he muses. “Maybe I’m crazy/Maybe I’m strapped right now, just bait me.” Dre raises his voice for some rousing words in Creole. Then, after a blank space where a hook might fit, it’s time for Jay-Z’s superior verse. Hov gets some snappy lines in, as when he informs us that life’s stresses have him “bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas.” And: “I’m in this party, I’m up to no good/And I should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods.” Given the timing of the two sports scandals he references, I wonder if Jay-Z recorded his verse any later than January. Anyway, that’s it. Two verses, no hooks, and this version of “Under Pressure,” at least, is out. (Entertainment Weekly)

Following its leak, Dr. Dre released a statement speaking on his disappointment.

An unfinished version of “Under Pressure,” Dre’s collaboration with Jay-Z, made its way online Tuesday, June 16. Dre released a short statement on his official website in response to the song’s early appearance. “I want to set the record straight for everybody who’s been waiting to hear my music,” wrote the super-producer. “The song that’s on the Internet is an incomplete song that I’m still working on. When it’s ready, you’ll be hearing it from me.” (Rap-Up)

Check out some recent Dr. Dre footage below:

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