Dr. Dre Gets Sleek On 50 Cent, “I Never Heard Of His Headphones”

Dr. Dre Gets Sleek On 50 Cent, “I Never Heard Of His Headphones”

The war of words between Dr. Dre and 50 Cent may intensify as the West Coast producer now admits he isn’t hip to the controversial rapper’s new audio gear line.

Approached by a media street team, Dre said he was unaware of the existence of Fif’s Sleek By 50 headphones.

Dr. Dre totally DISSED his former protege 50 Cent in Los Angeles the other night … maybe … possibly … OK, we’re really not sure — but it’s all on tape!!!! Here’s the back story — 50 went on a Twitter tirade this week, claiming Dre HATES him because he’s launching a line of headphones to compete with Dre’s “Beats” line. But when we asked Dre about the beef out in front of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood Tuesday night … Dre simply replied, “I never heard of his headphones.” DISS!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe). (TMZ)

Earlier this week, 50 revealed his tensions toward Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

“Jimmy iovine and dre mad at me cause I’m doing sleek by 50,” Fif tweeted Monday (February 14).

“I guess I’m not going to be on detox Lol.”

“I’m a little hurt jimmy and dre feel like that but f*ck it. I’m focused I got a surprise for everybody this go round.”

“Would you faint if I told you I just wrote a verse about jimmy and dre. Oh my god this is hard. This sh*t gonna kill”

“Okok I’m done talkin bout jimmy n dre, I love them, they hate me, so what?…f*ck it. Lol” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

A day later, 50 said his problems with Iovine had been resolved.

“Jimmys not mad at me any more we kicked it. I just have to talk to DRE now. http://plixi.com/p/77722417,” 50 tweeted February 15th evening. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

In early January, 50’s Sleek business venture became publicized.

It’s official. The cans we saw teased earlier in the week have just been made official by Sleek Audio and Curtis Jackson (otherwise known to the world as 50 Cent), with the rapper himself dishing out cash and input to make it happen. We’re told that they were designed by 50 and engineered by Sleek, and are the first headphones ever to offer ‘Wireless Hybrid’ technology with military-grade metals. More specifically, the Sleek by 50 Cent Platinum headphones utilize Kleer lossless wireless technology, with a 60 foot range and a micro-USB rechargeable battery. If you run out of juice, there’s a detachable mic cable that can be jacked in for continued listening. The cans themselves house a pair of 50mm dynamic drivers, a customized internal amplifier and a call-out to Dr. Dre. Just kidding. Maybe. We’re still waiting on a price and release date, but we’d expect ‘em to ship soon for just a touch more than HP’s Beats — you know, given the wireless and all. (Engadget)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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