Dr. Dre Gave Latest Aftermath Signee Major Co-Sign For Big BET Hip Hop Awards Announcement

Dr. Dre Gave Latest Aftermath Signee Major Co-Sign For Big BET Hip Hop Awards Announcement

Newly signed Aftermath artist Jon Connor has revealed what motivated him to break the news of his new record label situation with Dr. Dre to the world last night during the annual BET Hip Hop Awards ceremony.

According to Connor, he knew it was vital to end his televised freestyle cypher on a strong note and admitted Doc even gave him the co-sign.

“I was thinking, ‘How can I end this? How can I make this a moment? ‘ This was my first time doing the cypher and I wanted to make it a moment,” Connor told MTV News. “I ran it by Dre and he was like, ‘Yo, that’s dope.'” Connor first linked with the production icon this past summer after building a reputation as a highly skilled lyricist thanks to underground mixtape releases like 2012’s The Blue Album and The People’s Rapper, where he hijacked a number of Eminem instrumentals to rhyme over. (MTV)

The Detroit emcee also dished on what drove him to convincing Dre to take a shot with him.

“The music was there, he liked the music and he liked what I was doing, he respected what I was doing. It was just at that point going in the studio, seeing if we had chemistry and vibing out as people,” Connor said of he and Dre’s feeling-out period. “You can be the greatest artist in the world, but if you a d–k ain’t nobody gonna wanna work with you. It don’t matter how good you are.” (MTV)

Although details were scarce, mounted speculation last month had J. Connor as Dre’s newest protégé.

Could Jon Connor have inked a deal with Aftermath? According to multiple sources, the announcement came tonight. Earlier the taping for this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards went down in Atlanta. Which is where Flint, Michigan’s best kept secret utilized his Cypher verse to hint at his new found home in the house that Dr. Dre built. (2 Dope Boyz)

Around mid-July, a studio session photo of Connor and Doc made its rounds across the Internet.

You guys know I’ve been a huge Jon Connor fan for a while, & if you are STILL sleeping on Mr. Connor, maybe a co-sign from Dr. Dre will help you out a bit on waking up. Jon Connor is currently in LA in the studio recording with Dr. Dre. That is a HUGE look for an indepedent artist, and maybe Jon Connor will sign to Aftermath? All I know is something good is about to come out of this. Be sure to check out his latest release Unconscious State ASAP. (Fashionably Early)

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