Dr. Dre Fired Up Over “Detox” Leaks, “Somebody Actually Hacked Into Our E-Mails”

Dr. Dre Fired Up Over “Detox” Leaks, “Somebody Actually Hacked Into Our E-Mails”

West Coast producer Dr. Dre speaks on battling Detox leaks and understanding fans’ undying desire to hear his long-awaited album in the August/September VIBE.

Speaking on his unfinished “Under Pressure” Jay-Z collaboration plus T.I. and Ludacris reference tracks, Dre revealed his anger toward hackers.

“I’m not mad at the fans. I’m mad at the person that leaked the sh*t. I have no idea how it got out. It’s not even worth looking to see who did it. It happens. The most painful part about it is that I’m passionate about what I do so people should hear it in the right form…Somebody actually hacked into our emails, so that made our red flags go up. We’re in a new age and that’s a sign, ‘Wake up motherf*cker.’ You have to be more careful with your sh*t. That’s all there is to it. I know what’s up now.” (VIBE)

Last month, Dre blamed his work on other artists’ projects for the Detox delay.

“It hasn’t been a consistent thing with me,” Dre revealed in an interview. “I’d be working on it, stop, do a couple of other albums, like for example, I was working on the record and had to stop and work with Eminem for like five or six months, get back in to it and in-between there’s been Game and 50 and some of the artists like that I had to stop and work on. So it’s been taking a long time but it hasn’t been continuous work on that project so that’s one of the reasons why it’s been taking a long time but I’m in it right now, I feel it right now. Before this year, I felt I was doing it more out of obligation but right now, as in the end of last year, I really feel it. It’s coming out of me and it’s coming out of my heart and it’ll definitely be out this year — I’m just trying to give everybody what they want and not give them this new word I came up with, it’s called ‘anticippointment.'” (All Hip Hop)

In June, Dr. Dre said he was hoping to drop his album in the fall.

“Absolutely, I’m leaving this event and heading right to the studio,” Dre said from the 23rd ASCAP Awards when asked about a Detox release. “I’m getting it cracking and trying to put it out by the end of the fall. I’m trying to give everyone what they’ve been waiting for and make sure they’re not disappointed. This it, that’s all I’m doing. [The leaked ‘Under Pressure’ was] absolutely not [real.] I didn’t get a chance to finish the record, the vocals are real rough, it’s not blended right and there’s not even a hook on the song. It’s not done, the music’s not done, it’s just one of those things we have to deal with today in this business because of technology and all of that. It’s real easy for somebody to steal your sh*t so what can you do?” (Hard Knock TV)

Radio personality DJ Skee recently spoke with SOHH and talked about the buzz behind Detox.

“Well according to Scott [Storch] and a a bunch of other people, it’s close to being done,” Skee told SOHH. “But Scott’s kinda jumping it, just because they have a few more records left probably means they gotta record a couple hundred more just to make Dre happy. Dre is the ultimate perfectionist and he should be, you know, he hasn’t released his own solo album in years and it seems like he doesn’t have to make any more money or do anything else but because of the Beats by Dre [headphones], it kinda put him back in the national mainstream limelight and I think where hip-hop is at today, by him actually having records that he’s happy with, I think it might realistically have a chance of coming out later this year, we’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ‘didn’t’ [laughs], but at the same time I actually think it is realistic but with Beats by Dre and all these other [ventures], it’s almost pushing him, like, people are ready and people have been ready but now it’s even on another level. I just can’t wait to hear what his album is gonna sound like in all those headphones, too…” (SOHH)

The August/September VIBE drops Monday, August 16th.

Check out a recent Dr. Dre interview down below:

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