Doug E. Fresh’s $2 Million Tax Woes Exposed

Doug E. Fresh’s $2 Million Tax Woes Exposed

Hip-Hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh‘s tax records have reportedly leaked online and show him owing over $2 million to the government.

According to reports, the IRS filed a lien [a right to keep possession of property] against Fresh in mid-October.

The IRS just launched a financial beat-down of The Human Beat Box, hip-hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh, who has a history of tax problems. The old school rapper known for the hit “La Di Da Di” owes more than $2.27 million in delinquent federal taxes, according to a fresh lien. It’s the most recent delinquent tax bill filed this year against Fresh, 44, who has run afoul of New York city and state tax agencies and the IRS. The IRS filed a $2,276,848 lien against Fresh (real name Douglas E. Davis) on Oct. 20 with the New York City Register’s Office. (Detroit News)

Earlier this fall, the “Human Beat Box” opened his own restaurant in Harlem.

During 2008, he appeared on several talk shows boasting about the new place, but it never managed to open. Finally, after an inexplicable delay of over three years, Doug E.’s debuted a month ago. The blogs were alive with the news, with a couple of doubters on the Harlem boards exclaiming, “well, it’s just a fast food spot.” Indeed it is, specializing in the combination of waffles and fried chicken made famous by Wells Restaurant, a Harlem Renaissance hot spot that opened in 1938 and closed for the first time in 1984, though it has occasionally been revived since then. It was located one block north of Doug E.’s on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, and was open nightly till the wee hours. (Village Voice)

Recently, Fresh made headlines after appearing on the “Soul Train Awards.”

When CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer appeared at the ‘Soul Train Awards'(Sun., 9PM ET on BET), he wasn’t there as a journalist. “The real reason I came here tonight: because I wanta learn how to do the Dougie,” he joked, referring to the dance affiliated with Cali Swag District‘s ‘Teach Me How to Dougie.’ Hosts Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard might have helped, but instead Doug E. Fresh himself came onstage to demonstrate the latest dance craze. And… um, all we can say is that Blitzer tried really hard. (TV Squad)

Fresh’s run in the music industry dates back to the early 1980’s.

The first human beatbox in the rap world, and still the best of all time, Doug E. Fresh amazed audiences with his note-perfect imitations of drum machines, effects, and often large samples of hip-hop classics. Fresh was born Doug E. Davis in Barbados, and his first appearance came in 1983 on a single for Spotlight called “Pass the Budda,” with Spoonie Gee and DJ Spivey. His introduction to most hip-hop fans, though, came one year later with his astonishing performance in Beat Street behind the Treacherous Three. (All Music)

Listen to Doug E. Fresh’s “The Show” down below:

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