Dorrough Teaches Old School Nikes 101, “On A First Date, I Would Wear Some Brand New…”

Dorrough Teaches Old School Nikes 101, “On A First Date, I Would Wear Some Brand New…”

After the recent release of his “Old School Nikes” music video, SOHH reached out to Dallas rapper Dorrough to find out what Nike kicks suggestions he would dish out for different scenarios.

Asked what pair of kicks to rock on a first date, Dorrough said look no further than a pair of Nike Flights.

“On a first date, I would have to wear some brand new Nike Flights,” Dorrough told SOHH. “Flights come in a lot of colors and I’m a real colored person. I can match a lot of different hats and shirts with them too, so I would have to go with Flights on a first date. I can wear the Flights anywhere, so we could go get something to eat first, go bowling and even after that, go to a strip club. That’s one thing I love about the Flights. They’re real durable. You can kind of do anything in them. You never know what will happen. You may have to take off running for whatever reason.” (SOHH)

For all aspiring artists, Dorrough suggests late night studio sessions should be met with a pair of throwback Nikes.

“If I’m going to be in the studio all night, I would have to rock something like the Air Max ’95’s,” Dorrough said. “The Air Max’s are really comfortable. I have to have something where I’m going to be working all night and I definitely want to be relaxed and comfortable. So I would have to go with the Air Max. Those are some comfortable shoes to me.” (SOHH)

Finally, asked about what pair of kicks are best to wear when purchasing a brand new whip, Dorrough said it was vital to take it back to 1985.

“If I just purchased a new car, I would have to rock the Jordan 1’s, which were Nikes at the time,” Dorrough said. “The first pair of Jordans were actually a pair of Nikes. Those are actually my favorite pair of Nikes overall. Those are my favorite old school Nikes, those Jordan 1’s. They’re real classic. They’re mid high tops. I would definitely have to say the Jordan 1’s.” (SOHH)

Dorrough’s “Old School Nikes” dropped earlier this year.

Brand names popping up in hip-hop is hardly a new trend — see, for instance, “Pass The Courvoisier” or countless other tracks. And songs in hip-hop about shoes — and, specifically, Nike shoes — isn’t new, either. So maybe it’s not exactly a surprise that Dallas rapper Dorrough has jumped in on the trend, releasing a song about his love for old-school Nikes called, fittingly, “Old School Nikes.” Released quietly this year in the wake of his 2010 release Get Big, the song’s actually kind of a banger — as good, really, as anything on the rapper’s somewhat disappointing sophomore full-length and follow-up to his successful 2009, self-titled affair, which put him on the map thanks to songs like “Walk That Walk” and “Ice Cream Paint Job.” (Dallas Observer)

Check out the “Old School Nikes” music video below:

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