Don Trip & Yo Gotti Put On For Their City, “Memphis Is Most Definitely On The Grind Right Now”

Don Trip & Yo Gotti Put On For Their City, “Memphis Is Most Definitely On The Grind Right Now”

As the Memphis hip-hop scene continues to get hot heading into spring, SOHH reached out to homegrown rappers Yo Gotti and Don Trip for their take on the River City’s current buzz.

In Gotti’s opinion, 2012 marks the year fans will see an abundance of Memphis-bred artists garner mainstream attention.

“Memphis is most definitely on the grind right now,” Gotti told SOHH. “You got Young Buck, you got Don Trip, you got a lot of hot producers out here coming up like Drumma Boy and Drumma Drumma. We just trying to get it and put the sh*t on. We most definitely feel like it’s our time and we most definitely are trying to put in the work. We ain’t looking for no handouts. We just gonna grab it. This is what we do.” (SOHH)

Trip spoke on the initial stereotype most Memphis rappers encounter when trying to make a name for themselves.

“If I would have came out and said I’m from Memphis, the first thing you would have looked at was the people from Memphis that came out before me,” Trip explained to SOHH. “That’s not what I’m showing. I’m showing that I can do this, this is something I’m great at. If I let you know who I am first, you get to develop your opinion off that and not where I’m from and what I came from. You don’t got this expectation of who I’m supposed to be.” (SOHH)

After dropping his January 10th mixtape a few months ago, Gotti’s latest solo project landed on the sales chart in January.

Memphis rap veteran Yo Gotti’s Live from the Kitchen debuted on the chart this week at No. 12. With seven days knocked out, his long-awaited studio release stands at 16,400 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Last September, Don Trip spoke about swaying away from his music sounding too regional.

“When I started recording I didn’t want to sound like none of what was coming out from Memphis. I wanted to stand alone. I didn’t want anyone to say, Oh he sounds like he’s from Memphis. Either you like it or you don’t. If you do or don’t like it, it’s not just because I’m from Memphis, it’s because of me.” (The FADER)

Check out some recent Yo Gotti footage below:

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