Don Trip Kills Backpacker Image & Critics W/ ‘Human’ Anthem, “N*ggas Thought Trip Was All Positive” [Audio]

Don Trip Kills Backpacker Image & Critics W/ ‘Human’ Anthem, “N*ggas Thought Trip Was All Positive” [Audio]

With his new DJ Drama-hosted Guerilla Gangsta Grillz mixtape less than 72 hours away from hitting the Internet, Memphis rapper Don Trip gives SOHH readers an exclusive peek at his new “Human” record.

Produced by Street Runner and Sarom, Trip’s Guerilla track takes aim at critics claiming he is solely a positive and inspirational rapper based off his “Letter To My Son” smash hit.

“The ‘Human’ record really came from me, having seen a lot of articles, blog sites and tweets with people saying what they’re expecting me to be a backpack rapper,” Trip told SOHH. “Or thinking I’m a conscious rapper. People got that impression from the ‘Letter To My Son’ record but that’s just pain and emotion. It’s really just me pouring my heart out. You can break that song down. I’m not trying to save the world, I’m trying to see my kid. I guess people wanted me to be the pastor of hip-hop or something.” (SOHH)

On the record, Trip responds to critics conflicted over whether he is solely a motivational or gritty rapper.

“‘Letter To My Son’ dropped and n*ggas thought Trip was all positive,” he raps, “then they heard my ‘Trap’ sh*t, now they want apologies/Well pardon me, I never leave the streets, the block’s a part of me/I’m raised off hot dogs, cold cuts and party meat/Bad news, Mr. Trip missing a lot of screws/On my way up the ladder, but not without the tools/I had to sell dope, otherwise we had to move/So either way it goes, I got packs to move/They heard the pain in my records, now all they want is that/I only did that, I’d be in this b*tch depressed/Is he in it for the check or for success?” (“Human”)

Recently, the Memphis-bred emcee spoke on what fans could look for on the upcoming mixtape.

“There’s a record on the Gangsta Grillz called “Trapped In The Trap.” There’s actually a twist, but I won’t give the twist away. It’s a record about being trapped in the trap. They call it a trap for a reason. And, of course, the title of the record makes you think it’d be about trappin,’ but that’s actually the twist to it. It’s one of those records where you actually have to listen to it. It’s really quite thought-provoking.” (Smoking Section)

Along with records like “Human” and “Trapped In The Trap,” Trip recently broke down the message behind his buzzing “Allen Iverson” Guerilla track.

“I feel that record shows that I go through the same things, even though I’m not on the same level, but I go through the same thing to where I got a little bit of notoriety, and at this point when I do certain things, people look at it like I’m a superhero, like I’m not supposed to do like things,” Don Trip said. “I feel like its a record that needed to be done.” (All Hip Hop)

Be sure to check back Monday (February 27) when Don Trip’s Guerilla Gangsta Grillz mixtape officially debuts on SOHH!

Check out “Human” below:

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