Dolphins & Steelers Stars On NFL Draft Day: “Going To The Draft, I Didn’t Want To Listen To Anything””

Dolphins & Steelers Stars On NFL Draft Day: “Going To The Draft, I Didn’t Want To Listen To Anything””

[With the NFL Draft Day less than 24 hours away, Miami Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey tell SOHH readers about their big day experiences, what advice they have for potential rookie players and how tuned in they are for the festivities.]


My best advice for the guys going out there on Draft Day is to just enjoy the ride. I know I had a lot of pressure on me during the draft because my brother was a first round pick. I had a lot of hype coming into the draft and the year before we enjoyed ourselves in Lakeland, Florida, in our hometown.

We were celebrating the draft when my brother got drafted. I took my whole family up to New York and we experienced the whole green room. It was just a blessing to be drafted in the first round, myself. To just be able to be at a point in our life where we could support our families, that’s something we always said we wanted to do.

It was just a blessing. To all the kids out there chasing that dream, keep working hard.

Going up to the draft, I didn’t want to listen to anything. After the draft, we partied and listened to every rapper that was out. -Mike Pouncey, Miami Dolphins Center


For any kid out there, your dreams are going to come true with the hard work. You just have to stay calm about it. Be patient.

Every guy doesn’t get drafted, but opportunities come if you work hard at it. Stay patient and humble about things and it’s going to come.

We’re so into the Draft Day, watching the Pro Football Talk to see what’s going on and seeing what players are getting signed. Me and Mike always want to be winners, so anything that’ll better our team and help us get that championship is great.

At the same time, we’re big sports fans. We watch college football all the time. We know who all the great players are. We know those guys have been through the same stuff we’ve been through in life. -Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh Steelers Center

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