DMX’s Wife Snags Author For Tell-All Book

DMX’s Wife Snags Author For Tell-All Book

Rapper DMX‘s estranged wife, Tashera Simmons, has reportedly hired author Aliya S. King to get behind an upcoming tell-all book about her life with the former Def Jam juggernaut.

King is  known for penning works for ex-drug kingpin Frank Lucas and singer Faith Evans.

“When I first met Aliya, I was in a state where I was trapped and she was the first person that kind of opened me up. She started asking me questions about what it was like to be in the light of a super star, rap star,” said Simmons of King. “I told her I am working on my book, ‘Strength of a Woman’ and she told me to ‘Read (“Platinum”) and tell me what you think.’ It touched me,” explained Tashera. “She’s writing my book now.” (Hip Hop DX)

Simmons recently talked about the book and said she had not yet filed for divorce from X.

“It’s not a tell-all,” Simmons promised in an interview. “I want to clear that up. It’s a memoir, it’s a story about our life, my life and our life together. My side of the story because I feel in his book, he didn’t really get into detail to better understand it…I think reading my book, it explains everything. I’m talking about everything, from when we first met at 11 and we got together from 18 and I’m starting from there until then on…It’s a positive tell-all. I’m gonna keep it 100 percent real, I’m more classy than [to say negative facts] — if you read from the beginning up until the point it gets crazy, you’ll kinda understand the whole story…There’s so many rumors out there. I haven’t filed [for divorce] yet but we are separated. We are separated. It’s 20 years [we’ve been together.]” (All Hip Hop TV)

A title for the book and confirmation of its production were revealed last March.

Representatives for Tashera Simmons have confirmed with that a tell-all book titled Strength of Woman is in the process of revealing a “not so glamorous life” in the autobiographical work. “She will be talking about her experience with her family and trying to hold them together through the DMX journey,” a representative for Tashera said. “Her story is a stellar, heart wrecking, powerful, firsthand account of survival and family strength in a chaotic life and the fame that came with that life.” (All Hip Hop)

X was recently spotted working in the studio after being released from prison this month upon serving four months for a parole violation.

Here’s the first footage of DMX since being released from prison this past Wednesday. X recently served 4 months of a 6 month sentence for probation violation. Let’s just hope he can stay sober and get back to the music.” (Miss Info TV)

Check out DMX’s wife speaking on the new book down below:

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