DMX’s Jail Release Pushed Back, “Things Will Be Different This Time”

DMX’s Jail Release Pushed Back, “Things Will Be Different This Time”

Fans anxiously awaiting the July 1st return of incarcerated rapper DMX will have to wait a bit longer as the troubled emcee’s day of freedom has been pushed back.

According to reports, X will become a free man on July 6th and begin numerous business ventures.

Following his release, X plans to end his four-year hiatus in music with his ninth and newest album this summer. Speaking on the new project, X, 40, says, “Things will be different this time.” Along with music, DMX will also be directing his attention on his “domestic dreams”, like uniting his 10 children and creating a relationship with his mother. Another new twist is his interest in his own reality TV show with fiancĂ© Yadira Borrego. According to an official press release, the working title of the show is “X-tended Family” and while the show is only conceptual thus far, it will reportedly show a side to DMX that the world has never seen… the softer side. (Hip Hop Wired)

Last week, X hinted at plans to possibly ink a deal with Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group.

“Rick Ross’ peoples wrote me a letter while I was in here,” he revealed in an interview. “Yeah like ‘Yo we got a home for you. We’ll pick you up in a limo. Just come to Miami. Just come, we got you.’ … I’m thinking about it. It was a good feeling. I respect him as an artist, and I would like to work with him. But he got the whole Illuminati thing going on. I got fans who write me like ‘I’m glad you’re not a part of that.’ And I don’t know what it’s really about entirely. So it might be like a good thing.” (VIBE)

In 2010, X’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons said the rapper was the target of a conspiracy.

“He only had three weeks left [of probation], and they set him up,” Mrs. Simmons said. “Because he was in a rehab that they put him in because he was driving dirty, and they gave him permission to go do a show. How do you give someone that’s supposed to be in a rehab permission to do a show? It was a set-up, and then X, I can’t even believe that he even took a drink knowing the situation.” (“Street Disciplez Radio”)

X was sentenced to a year behind bars in an Arizona courtroom around mid-December.

DMX, who was arrested for a probation violation in Arizona last month, was sentenced to a year in prison on the charge this morning — his sixth stint behind bars in the state. The MC said late last month that a sip of alcohol during one of his concerts led to his arrest on multiple charges, including probation violation, failure to submit to drug testing and several drug charges. (Rolling Stone)

Check out some pre-jail DMX footage down below:

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