DMX’s Foreclosed Home Robbed, “This Was Probably His Pride & Joy”

DMX’s Foreclosed Home Robbed, “This Was Probably His Pride & Joy”

Incarcerated rapper DMX‘s foreclosed Arizona home has been placed on the market for an estimated sale price of $429,000.According to 3TV, the Valley residence has continued to endure physical damage and frequent robberies since SWAT team members raided the home last May when X was faced with animal cruelty, theft and drug charges.

Andrew Wheeler, the bank’s appointed person responsible for selling the place, has described the difficulty in going through with the sale.

“It’s very nerve-racking…sometimes I think he’ll just show up,” Wheeler told 3TV. “This was probably his pride and joy.”

He also claims the separation between X and his wife left the home to crumble and become available to robbers.

“I think people showed up, walked the house and took what they wanted,” Wheeler added. “The place was glamour and when they split up, nothing got taken care of.”

X reportedly purchased the home around 2003 for $600,000 but the bank’s current sale price remains at roughly $429,000.

In related news, the troubled rap star pleaded guilty last week (December 30) to four counts of felony charges in Arizona including one count of animal cruelty, one count of theft and one count of felony possession of marijuana and a narcotic drug.

X is due back in court for a sentencing hearing on Friday, January 30.

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