DMX Suffers Another Emotional Meltdown: “I Just Wanted To Be Able To Say, ‘Mommy, I Love You'” [Video]

DMX Suffers Another Emotional Meltdown: “I Just Wanted To Be Able To Say, ‘Mommy, I Love You'” [Video]

Months after bringing fans into his personal life by breaking down on VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” former Ruff Ryders leader DMX has once again shed tears over his mother.

Asked to discuss the intense televised moment, X placed some context behind his emotions spilling out last April.

“Me and mother always had a rocky relationship,” DMX said, recalling his breakdown during an April episode of VH1’s reality series “Couples Therapy” where he first cried reminiscing on his mom. “I think when we did the show, I hadn’t spoken to my mother for eight or nine years, but I was stuck on — I was looking or expecting an apology for what you did or some type of confirmation or recognition of what you did,” he said recalling his mindset during that VH1 taping. (MTV)

With things finally patched up, X stressed the importance of feeling loved.

“Any man, it doesn’t matter how hard, how tough you are, you need to be someone’s baby,” he said. “That’s necessary, and anyone who thinks other than that, they’re fooling themselves. I just wanted to use that word genuinely. I just wanted to be able to say, ‘Mommy, I love you.'” (MTV)

Last April, the now-infamous “Couples Therapy” clip hit the Internet.

“I used to always turn to drugs when I was feeling a certain way and now that I’m not doing that, sometimes the pressure builds up, I’ll call [someone] and say, I just wanted to say ‘Mommy.’ I wanted to say that word,” an emotional X says on “Couples Therapy.” “Mommy. Not ‘My mother,’ you know, I wanted to say mommy. I just wanted to talk to her. I haven’t talked to her in years and I just wanted to be able to say ‘Hi, mommy. I love you.’ Never once did she [say she loved me.] …. [crying] …. You know what, I think people lose sight of the fact that no matter how strong you are, as a man, no matter how tough you are, we all need to be somebody’s baby.” (“Couples Therapy”)

In December, X’s publicist Domenick Nati talked to SOHH about the rapper taking part in the series.

“Things have been going good for Earl in these last five months,” Nati told SOHH referring to X’s government name. “He’s in the studio, touring around the country, and making TV appearances, but I also know that family is very important to DMX. Earl and Tashera are mature adults and they’ll know what’s best for their relationship.” (SOHH)

Check out DMX’s interview below:

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