DMX Spotted Ballin’ In Wheelchair At San Antonio Gym

DMX Spotted Ballin’ In Wheelchair At San Antonio Gym

New York rapper DMX recently showed his love for the troops by taking a trip to the Lone Star State and playing wheelchair basketball with injuried soldiers.

Details of X’s good deed hit the Internet early Monday (December 5) morning.

DMX is continuing to put his celebrity to good use. The troubled rapper, who was seen mopping at a fast food spot just last month, visited injured troops in San Antonio, Texas, after a fan at a local concert asked him if he would. X, who kept his word, showed up the next day at Fort Sam Houston and even played a little wheelchair basketball with some of the handicapped soldiers. (XXL Mag)

The 40 year-old rapper also expressed how much of an impact the special occasion had on him.

Darkman X is doing better than ever. Aside from staying out of trouble, DMX is giving back anyway that he can. During a recent concert stop in San Antonio, a fan asked X if he could pay a visit to some US troops at a nearby base. Earl obliged and showed up the next day to keep good on his word. DMX told TMZ, “It made my day as much as it did their day. One told me that I gave him the best early Christmas gift he ever got and that has me still smiling.” (VIBE)

Recently, X opened up about getting his life straightened out following past run-ins with the law and jail stints.

“There were times where it appeared I had nothing to hold onto. Nothing to help me get through that. I’m a man of faith, and it’s good to know there are others out there like me,” X said in an interview. “Be grateful for the fact that you can see clearly. I appreciate the continued support, and I’m sure you have noticed, but I will never let you down in terms of the message and the delivery of the message. It’ll always be honest, it’ll always be to the point and it’ll always be uncompromised.” (KPLR 11)

A few weeks ago, X revealed cleansing himself of cocaine usage.

DMX tells TMZ, he has finally kicked the drug addictions that kept him behind bars for years — and he has his children to thank. X tells us, coke was his greatest demon after his latest prison release in July — “Everyone was taking advantage of me with my finances, trying to put me in the direction to fail. I have 10 kids. I have to drive them in the right direction, so I let the cocaine go.” The rapper — real name Earl Simmons — says God also helped him through … telling us, “I am on a spiritual road to do right in my life. I am leaving out all negativity and going to stay on the right road to positive.” (TMZ)

Check out some recent DMX footage below:

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