DMX Rushed To Hospital After Nasty Four-Wheeler Accident, “He Flipped Over”

DMX Rushed To Hospital After Nasty Four-Wheeler Accident, “He Flipped Over”

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX is reportedly recovering from a serious South Carolina four-wheeler accident which landed him in the hospital this weekend.

According to reports, X does not remember much from the messy crash.

DMX had quite the rough ride early this morning … when he lost control of the four-wheeler he was riding and ended up in the hospital with a concussion. X tells TMZ he was riding outside his home in South Carolina when he crashed while riding down a hill. He says he flipped over and, lucky for him, landed right on his ass. The rapper says he doesn’t remember much, other than the lights from the ambulance, and he doesn’t know when he will be released. (TMZ)

Back in January, the platinum-selling rapper also suffered a minor bout with food poisoning.

“I’m good, just some food poisoning. Thanks for the support. R’S UP!,” he tweeted January 26th. (DMX’s Twitter)

In September 2008, X had to receive medical attention due to health-related issues.

According to TMZ, the former Def Jam artist was reportedly taken to a medical facility yesterday (September 22) in Aventura for an alleged “fear of stroke.” X’s last stint at a center was when he missed a court date last month due to allegedly being admitted into a Miami hospital with intent to attend a rehabilitation program on the same day. (SOHH)

Outside of medical issues, X recently breathed a sigh of relief in relation to a $630,000 lawsuit.

A lawsuit against rapper DMX regarding his failed comeback tour in 2011 has been dropped. The $630,000 (£404,000) suit was launched by bosses at Heavy Rotation in March over claims that they signed a deal to create a string of comeback shows for the ‘Up In Here’ rapper. However, they argued that they were cut out of the deal when the rapper’s legal woes prevented him from performing overseas. (Digital Spy)

Check out a recent DMX interview below:

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