DMX Plans Huge 9/11 Move W/ “Undisputed” First-Week Sales

DMX Plans Huge 9/11 Move W/ “Undisputed” First-Week Sales

SOHH has learned DMX’s long-awaited Undisputed solo album will finally hit store shelves next week and pay homage to the victims of families who lost loved ones on September 11th, 2001.

According to X’s publicist Domenick Nati, X is going to donate his first-week sales to the family members of 9/11 victims upon its release on the eleventh anniversary.

“Fans will be pleasantly surprised with this album. DMX has really put a lot into this project and used a variety of talented producers, like Dame Grease, Caviar, Divine Bars, and Swizz Beatz. X is back doing what he loves to do, performing live and making hit records,” Nate exclusively told SOHH via statement. (SOHH)

Initially slated for an early 2012 release, X previously admitted the album would likely be a one-and-done project.

Although DMX’s first full-length in six years is slated to come out on March 27 via United Music & Media Group, the rapper says that fans shouldn’t expect to see a new album hitting shelves on that date. “I don’t see it being March 27,” he says. “The fact that [the label] chose to tell me that makes me reconsider whether or not I made the right decision to f*ck with them. It’s only one album, though. It’ll be what it is. But I think [it will come out] second quarter, definitely.” (Billboard)

Back in May, he put together a hard-hitting release in the Weigh In EP.

“It’s a good thing. I wish it was always like that but you can’t really worry about what people think, what they say. I just gotta do me,” DMX told MTV News over the phone on Tuesday. “The focus is on taking the music seriously, as a job, and less trouble. … I just happened to call Snoop [Dogg], while I was in the studio, he answered the phone, I sent him the joint, the next day I had it back — I appreciate the fact that the love is still there. I look forward to working with more artists. I normally don’t work with too many artists, but these have always been friends of mines.” (MTV)

Contributing producer Dame Grease previously hit up SOHH and discussed the EP.

“Man, this sh*t is the sh*t. It’s a blowout. [laughs] Basically. We completed the album, Undisputed and we completed this at the same time,” Dame told SOHH referring to the upcoming Weigh In EP. “We wanted to go and give the fans something because it’s been like six years from the last album. We wanted to give the fans a teaser of the music before the album comes. We wanted to get this out there to the entire world. DMX is remembered for a lot of things like movies but he just wants people to remember him for his music. I just got the artwork and we’re probably going to put that out and a new track later this week. Next Tuesday, we’re releasing the whole EP.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent DMX footage below:

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