DMX & Omillio Sparks Hit The Big Screen In New Movie

DMX & Omillio Sparks Hit The Big Screen In New Movie

Rappers DMX and Omillio Sparks have teamed up to star in the upcoming thriller  flick, 48 Hours Till Dark.

According to Sparks, the project also co-stars rapper/actor Fredro Starr.

“Movies and TV; we got that all lined up,” he explained in an interview. “That’s longevity there so I’m not stopping there, like you said it’s under my belt now so it don’t make sense to stop. It makes sense to keep moving forward, and that what I’m doing. Music is my first love, I gotta do that! That’s a no-brainer! I have a film coming up called 48 hours Till Dark staring DMX and Fredro Starr. DMX has his own team, Fredro has his, and I have mine. We all get tipped off about the same spot. It sort of has a Trespass theme, but it’s different. I know it’s gonna be crazy on set with them!” (All Hip Hop)

Producer Dame Grease recently said X was working on new albums.

“I’m trying to get him back into a free creative mode. We’ve been recording in my crib. There’s no pressures, no media, no studio time count,” said Dame. “We got a couple joints for mixtapes, a couple joints for underground just trying to actually get his career back together. He’s good, besides this silliness right here. Hopefully it works out because he didn’t violate the judge or anything [in that video]. He just spoke to the camera. But it’s almost like anything he does is amplified a thousand times over. They said he was acting crazy. He just said, ‘Yo, they f*ckin with me.'” (VIBE)

X is also reportedly being sought for a starring role in the drug prevention-based television series, “Celebrity Rehab.”

DMX’s attorney, Gary Jenkins, tells TMZ reps for “Rehab” contacted him after X was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly violating his probation by using drugs. Jenkins says the “Rehab” team is considering sending someone to DMX’s next court hearing to speak with the judge — just like Dr. Drew did with Jessica Sierra from “American Idol” — to try and get X placed in their care instead of being locked up. (TMZ)

Outside of music and films, Sparks recently shared his views on the Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel dispute.

“I think it’s personal family business,” Sparks told DJ Vlad. “Even after all that was said and done, I think [Beans] went to jail, came back and signed a contract again. So if you were already feeling some type of way about what was going on, you should have just been on your joint like ‘All right I’m out,’ but he came back and re-signed, you brought that on yourself. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me, right? So you come back and something don’t go right, now you’re mad so I’ll just let them feud. It’s some personal beef, we’ll see the outcome of it later on.” (Vlad TV)

Check out Omillio Sparks’ “DJ Turn It Up” down below:

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