DMX Gets His Dog Day Afternoon, Released From Prison

DMX Gets His Dog Day Afternoon, Released From Prison

Troubled rapper DMX has reportedly been freed from prison Tuesday (July 19) after getting sentenced to a year behind bars last December.

X became a free man early Tuesday, leaving a Yuma, Arizona prison.

The rapper was greeted by a small group of friends and family upon his release today. Sources close to DMX told that his first stop would be a visit to his probation officer, followed by a shopping trip. Then, DMX is slated to take up residency in an unknown area of the state. “I spoke to my daughter, I just got off the phone with my wife,” DMX told in an exclusive interview. “I’m going to go see my daughter while the sun is up then I’m going to be in the studio man.” (All Hip Hop)

Last week, X had his jail release delayed after failing a drug test behind bars.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, DMX broke SEVERAL rules in Yuma state prison since January — including drug possession, failing or refusing a drug test, smoking when he wasn’t supposed to, being disrespectful, disruptive, and disorderly … the list goes on. A rep for the prison wouldn’t specify what kind of drug officials found on the rapper. (TMZ)

Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman Barrett Marson also confirmed the reports.

“He did not smuggle drugs into prison,” states Marson. “He failed a drug test, I don’t know what drugs he took, but that’s it. He was due to be released today but will now be released on July 19th.” (RumorFix)

The rapper was sentenced to a year behind bars in an Arizona courtroom around mid-December.

DMX, who was arrested for a probation violation in Arizona last month, was sentenced to a year in prison on the charge this morning — his sixth stint behind bars in the state. The MC said late last month that a sip of alcohol during one of his concerts led to his arrest on multiple charges, including probation violation, failure to submit to drug testing and several drug charges. (Rolling Stone)

Check out some pre-jail DMX footage down below:

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