DMX Fined $240K For FBI Impersonation & Assault, Rapper Makes No Apologies

DMX Fined $240K For FBI Impersonation & Assault, Rapper Makes No Apologies

Incarcerated rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons has been ordered to pay $240,000 in damages for a 2004 roadside assault against a man at JFK International airport in New York.

After a three-day trial, X was also charged with causing damages to the victim’s family.

The jury also found the rapper liable for causing emotional distress to the man’s mother and his 12-year-old daughter. The victim, Sergei Priporin, who had his mother and daughter in the vehicle, said Simmons then assaulted him and tried to pull him out of the vehicle by claiming to be an FBI agent. Simmons was arrested by Port Authority police after crashing through an exit gate while fleeing the scene. He later pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the case. (Lower Hudson News)

Originally sued for $4 million, X’s attorney Richard Corde had the damages lowered and backed his client.

X’s lawyer, Richard Corde, said “Mr. Simmons still feels justified in pulling them over when they didn’t get out of his way… he’s not apologizing for that. The gentleman driving should have gotten out of his way.” (TMZ)

The incident originally took place around June 2004.

X was initially charged with cocaine possession and criminal impersonation after trying to steal a car then crashing another vehicle through an airport parking lot gate, claiming he was a federal agent, prosecutors said. X and a man police identified as Jackie Hudgins, 41, were arrested by police officers who found a billy club and a bag of crack cocaine in their sport utility vehicle, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. The two were jailed without bond on charges of criminal possession of a weapon. (Express News)

X is currently serving a 90-day sentence in Arizona on drug charges.

Commissioner Phemonia Miller sentenced the rapper last January, whose name is Earl Simmons to 90 days in jail with no credit for time he has already served. Miller said, “I’m not sentencing DMX today, I’m sentencing Earl Simmons. I don’t know DMX. Mr. Simmons, it’s time to do something different. What you have been doing is not working.” (AZCentral)

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