DMX Doesn’t Care How Hot You Are: “That’s Wack, That Don’t Make No Sense”

DMX Doesn’t Care How Hot You Are: “That’s Wack, That Don’t Make No Sense”

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX recently discussed hooking up with Bad Boy’s Machine Gun Kelly for his new Undisputed album and why chemistry is most important when collaborating.

X also emphasized his disinterest in collaborating with artists based on their current buzz.

“We met first, before I heard anything about him, a song or anything. He did something reputable,” DMX explained when he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday. “We both agreed that we should ask both of our loose people to excuse us and let us vibe for a minute before we even think about what type of song we’re going to do or if we even do a song.” Now the two have a few collaborations in the chamber, including “I Don’t Dance” off of X’s Undisputed. “If you’re gonna do a song with someone, there has to be a connection. Not just, ‘I want to do a song with a person because they’re hot right now. I want to do a song with a person because they’re on top of the charts,’ ” DMX said on Wednesday. “That’s wack, that don’t make no sense. (MTV)

Last month, MGK named X and rap star Eminem as two of his favorite hip-hop artists.

Now that he’s collaborated with DMX (“I Don’t Dance”), he hopes to one day work with another one of his idols, Eminem, who he calls the best rapper alive. “That would be a fan favorite if an MGK-Eminem song ever went down,” says the “Invincible” rapper. “If those two [DMX and Eminem] could be knocked off, I won’t have any more on my bucket list really.” (Rap-Up)

In November, Kells discussed how much admiration he had toward the rap veteran.

“Yeah, DMX is the realest person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s exactly what he says he is,” MGK said about his in-studio experience with X. “Yeah, he actually came in when I was on top of a table rapping one of his songs, so it was like an awkwardly good moment. [What does Drake mean to hip-hop?] It’s f*king cool. It’s tight. You know, I learned from that. I learn from him when he speaks how he does, when he acts how he does towards other artists. It definitely makes me mature as a young artist, it makes me be like, “Okay, maybe shunning people is not the route.” Not that I do that, per se, but I definitely do have a lot of competitiveness in my blood, where I’ll be like, “Sh*t, muthaf*cker, I want that number one spot.” But when you see Drake who has the number one spot so willingly give it all, it’s cool.” (RESPECT)

X’s latest solo effort, Undisputed, officially hit store shelves this week.

“Fans will be pleasantly surprised with this album. DMX has really put a lot into this project and used a variety of talented producers, like Dame Grease, Caviar, Divine Bars, and Swizz Beatz. X is back doing what he loves to do, performing live and making hit records,” Domenick Nati exclusively told SOHH via statement. (SOHH)

Check out the “I Don’t Dance” music video below:

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