DMX Denied Prison Release, Rapper Stays Caged

DMX Denied Prison Release, Rapper Stays Caged

Incarcerated rapper DMX‘s release from an Arizona prison has been delayed as new reports claim the troubled hip-hop star has failed a drug test.

According to reports, X’s release from prison has been delayed by at least one week.

The rapper known as DMX will have to spend at least an extra week in an Arizona state prison for failing a drug test. Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman Barrett Marson confirmed DMX was due to be released from a prison on Wednesday. His new release date is July 19. (Wall Street Journal)

Additional reporting suggests X may have possessed drugs while behind bars.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, DMX broke SEVERAL rules in Yuma state prison since January — including drug possession, failing or refusing a drug test, smoking when he wasn’t supposed to, being disrespectful, disruptive, and disorderly … the list goes on. A rep for the prison wouldn’t specify what kind of drug officials found on the rapper. (TMZ)

Last month, X’s jail release was pushed from early to mid-July.

Following his release, X plans to end his four-year hiatus in music with his ninth and newest album this summer. Speaking on the new project, X, 40, says, “Things will be different this time.” Along with music, DMX will also be directing his attention on his “domestic dreams”, like uniting his 10 children and creating a relationship with his mother. (Hip Hop Wired)

X was sentenced to a year behind bars in an Arizona courtroom around mid-December.

DMX, who was arrested for a probation violation in Arizona last month, was sentenced to a year in prison on the charge this morning — his sixth stint behind bars in the state. The MC said late last month that a sip of alcohol during one of his concerts led to his arrest on multiple charges, including probation violation, failure to submit to drug testing and several drug charges. (Rolling Stone)

Check out some pre-jail DMX footage down below:

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