DMX Comes Clean On Failed Marriage: “Since Day One She Knew I Was F*cking Other B*tches”

DMX Comes Clean On Failed Marriage: “Since Day One She Knew I Was F*cking Other B*tches”

Former Def Jam superstar DMX recently discussed his separation from ex-wife Tashera Simmons and what factors ultimately forced them to call it quits.

Although they seemed cordial on VH1’s “Couples Therapy” last winter, X insisted things are still rocky.

“No, not at all! We were cool after the show, but there’s certain rules you don’t break. If a husband and wife are arguing, one of the number one rules is you don’t let your sister get in the argument. That’s why she has no husband. That should be a great indication of why she’s not allowed to get in the argument between a husband and wife,” X explained in an interview. “She should have no opinion when she’s living under my roof. You want an opinion? Get your own house. Then, you could have all the opinions you want in your house. Things just went left real quick. Men, we don’t get much, as far as holidays and days go – father’s day. I had my daughter from Miami, and she was real excited about meeting her brothers and sisters in New York. She knew I was coming. I planned to take them to the Statue of Liberty, just all types of things. I was really proud about that. I felt good about that. I was real excited about that, and she just went left.” (Global Grind)

He also said the chances of them hooking back up, even on friendly terms, were slim to none.

“I don’t t think so. We were friends, but I think she’s very bitter. When we lived in the projects and she didn’t want to be with me, I had to take that…Let the man say, “You don’t have to leave, I’ll leave,” now I’m the biggest piece of sh*t in the world,” he added. “I cheated on her, but it wasn’t anything new. I was the same way the whole time she knew me. Since day once she knew I was f*cking other b*tches. It wasn’t like “Oh My God, I though you’d never do this.” What it is, it’s her sister and the other lonely b***hes in her crew all in her ear. I been the same dude my whole life.” (Global Grind)

Last year, reports of X and Tashera possibly coming together for VH1’s “Couples Therapy” hit the Internet.

The troubled rapper and his estranged wife Tashera Simmons have agreed to appear on the upcoming reality show in the hopes of getting their failed marriage back on track, a source close to production tells us. The Simmons separated in July 2010 after 20 years and four kids together … yet they are still best friends, insists the source – and that’s why they want to give it another shot. We’re told DMX feels Tashera is “one of the only people [he] truly ever loved and has been down with him through thick and thin.” The thin? DMX cheated on his wife left and right – and even fathered six children during his extra-marital conquests. “Relationship Rehab,” a spin-off of “Celebrity Rehab,” is scheduled to begin taping in December. (TMZ)

On the program, X let loose his emotions alongside Tashera and revealed a distanced relationship from his mother.

“I used to always turn to drugs when I was feeling a certain way and now that I’m not doing that, sometimes the pressure builds up, I’ll call [someone] and say, I just wanted to say ‘Mommy.’ I wanted to say that word,” an emotional X says on “Couples Therapy.” “Mommy. Not ‘My mother,’ you know, I wanted to say mommy. I just wanted to talk to her. I haven’t talked to her in years and I just wanted to be able to say ‘Hi, mommy. I love you.’ Never once did she [say she loved me.] …. [crying] …. You know what, I think people lose sight of the fact that no matter how strong you are, as a man, no matter how tough you are, we all need to be somebody’s baby.” (“Couples Therapy”)

Check out some recent DMX footage below:

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