DMX Barks At Fiancee’s Lies, “You All Up In The Club In N*ggas’ Faces? F*ck Outta Here”

DMX Barks At Fiancee’s Lies, “You All Up In The Club In N*ggas’ Faces? F*ck Outta Here”

Incarcerated rapper DMX has spoken out to set the record straight on recent gossip and speculation that he is engaged to model hottie Yadira Borrego and make it known he is on the open market.

When asked about their engagement, X said there is no truth to the rumors.

“No! We absolutely were living together, and at one time we were engaged. But um, no. I’m recalling that she wants to work it out, but I really don’t see that happening. I’m not going say it won’t work, but this last time in jail, with me focusing on the mental, allowed me to see who’s there for me and who’s not. It’s easy to say, ‘I got your back. I’m there for you.’ But when it comes down to it, like I said, I’m not even talking about money and things like that. I’m good. I got fans sending me money. I’m good with that.” (VIBE)

X also called out Borrego for going around and promoting herself as his fiancee.

“But if you tell me you’re going to bring my daughter, bring my daughter. Don’t have me looking stupid in the streets. You running around saying ‘I’m DMX’s fiancée’ but you up in the motherf*cking club, every motherf*cking night. Come on! I don’t get down like that. I’m a King. Regardless of what I’ve been through and what I’ve done, I present myself as a King. And I get that respect from people, from everybody I deal with. I worked my whole life to establish that respect and make sure I get that respect. And I’ll be d*mn if I’ll have a woman–allow her to take it from me. That’s DMX’s fiancée but what you all up in the club in n*ggas’s faces? F*ck outta here!” (VIBE)

Earlier this week, Borrego talked about doing a reality show alongside X.

Another new twist is his interest in his own reality TV show with fiancé Yadira Borrego. According to an official press release, the working title of the show is “X-tended Family” and while the show is only conceptual thus far, it will reportedly show a side to DMX that the world has never seen… the softer side. “He is an amazing father and man. The media has never shown who he really is.”(Hip Hop Wired)

X was sentenced to a year behind bars in an Arizona courtroom around mid-December.

DMX, who was arrested for a probation violation in Arizona last month, was sentenced to a year in prison on the charge this morning — his sixth stint behind bars in the state. The MC said late last month that a sip of alcohol during one of his concerts led to his arrest on multiple charges, including probation violation, failure to submit to drug testing and several drug charges. (Rolling Stone)

DMX is now scheduled to be released from jail on July 13th.

Check out some pre-jail DMX footage down below:

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