DMX Asks For Serious Help In America’s “Most Dangerous City” [Video]

DMX Asks For Serious Help In America’s “Most Dangerous City” [Video]

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX is not slowing down his world tour as new footage of him asking for help from a higher power before setting off a Detroit concert venue has landed online.

In his pre-show prayer, Dark Man X asked for no form of violence or recklessness surrounding his Motown set.

DMX asked Jesus for a huge favor right before a recent concert in Detroit … PLEASE DON’T LET ANYONE GET STABBED OR SHOT!!!! X was doing his customary pre-show prayer with members of his team when he got “real” with his Lord and Savior about their safety in what Forbes calls, “The Most Dangerous City in America.” “We pray that there are no fightings, no stabbings, no shootings, no arrests, no drunk drivings, no altercations or incidents whatsoever,” X said. Hey, doesn’t hurt to ask. For the record, X’s prayers were answered that night … no violent incidents were reported at the show. (TMZ)

A few nights ago, the former Def Jam star was slated to hit a Bulgaria stage..

World famous rapper DMX has arrived in Bulgaria. The star landed at the VIP terminal of Sofia Airport with a flight from Beirut, where he staged a concert for New Year’s Eve celebration, the organizers of the concert in Bulgaria announced. DMX is going to stage a performance in Bulgaria tonight. The event will take place at the Hristo Botev hall in the capital city Sofia and is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. (Focus)

With his child support woe behind him and passport back in his possession, rep Domenick Nati recently told SOHH X was focused on building up his career with overseas touring.

“DMX’s child support issues have been settled. A mutual agreement has been reached that has finally released his passport,” Nati told SOHH. “DMX is currently in overseas and in the middle of his international tour. We are excited that DMX can now perform for his fans across the world and the team thanks everyone for their support.” (SOHH)

Last weekend, reports claimed X recently paid off the child support debt and, as a result, received his passport.

DMX just settled a HUGE $1 million child support case … and TMZ has learned he’s now in Europe trying to recoup some of that cash. TMZ broke the story … DMX was accused of owing more than 10 years of back child support to Patricia Trejo. Because he owed so much … X wasn’t allowed to have a passport … which meant he was prohibited from traveling to any overseas gigs. DMX’s rep tells TMZ the child support case has now been settled — he wouldn’t say for how much but we’re told X paid off a huge chunk. Nati, DMX’s rep, says X got his passport back … and now he’s on tour in Europe … where he’s trying to score some quick coin. (TMZ)

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Check out DMX’s prayer:

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