DMX Arrested In South Carolina, Police Conspiracy Theory Barks Won’t Stop Jail Time [Video]

DMX Arrested In South Carolina, Police Conspiracy Theory Barks Won’t Stop Jail Time [Video]

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX has once again made headlines after getting arrested last night (August 20) in South Carolina on an alleged traffic violation and drug possession charge.

Details of X’s latest run-in with law enforcement bubbled online Wednesday.

DMX was arrested in South Carolina last night — but immediately called BS on the cops — screaming out allegations that he was set up … and it was all caught on tape. According to DMX, the cops pulled over a car he was riding in for making an illegal U-turn. During the stop, cops say they found weed in the car and put the rapper in ‘cuffs. Cops say they also noticed a warrant out for DMX stemming from a previous driving without a license case and informed him that he needed to go to jail. X was pissed and began ranting about the situation while a female friend of his recorded the entire incident. “This ain’t no normal traffic stop,” X screamed … “18 cops, 5 cars, get the f**k outta here man.” (TMZ)

While X said cops set him up, the one-time Def Jam superstar is expected to serve time behind bars.

X also claims the driver did nothing wrong — and the car should never have been pulled over in the first place. “It was legal … they got nothing.” At one point, you can hear X say, “I’m sweatin’ like a motherf**ker, yo.” X was eventually hauled to jail in Greer County, SC — and he’s scheduled to face a judge sometime this morning. Law enforcement sources say … X is expected to be sentenced to 15 days behind bars … but will most likely only have to serve 10, if he’s a good boy. During the arrest, X suffered what is believed to be a slight asthma attack … and paramedics responded to the scene to treat the rapper. Don’t worry, he’s fine now. (TMZ)

Recently, a photo of X reportedly making a cameo in an upcoming Chris Rock movie surfaced.

Despite yet another recent driving arrest, DMX has surfaced for an upcoming movie role alongside Chris Rock. In a photo shared on his Instagram, X is seen side by side with with Rock right after they shot a “jail” scene. Details on the film’s title and full plot are still scarce. We’ll keep you updated as we discover more. “The scene is comedic which allowed X to show off his versatility as an actor. X and Rock played well off each other and Rock’s character even gets DMX to lead the inmates in a song. There are more acting roles to come and DMX is also planning on attending the Sundance Film Festival in January.” (Miss Info TV)

X’s representative Domenick Nati recently hit up SOHH and said the rapper’s publicized recent bankruptcy claim will ultimately help him connect with fans overseas.

“DMX’s financial strains have been inhibiting his career for several years. Poor financial management by prior representation have caused him to be ineligible to retain a passport. The purpose of this bankruptcy filing is for reorganization so he can perform for his fans oversees. We are currently planning a tour in Europe and Africa for the fall of 2013.” ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services) (SOHH)

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Check out the arrest footage:

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