DMX Announces Rap Comeback, “I Wanna Shut N*ggas The F*ck Up!”

DMX Announces Rap Comeback, “I Wanna Shut N*ggas The F*ck Up!”

Ruff Ryders leader DMX recently announced his comeback album and motivation behind returning to the hip-hop spotlight after serving a jail sentence.

In addition to working alongside Swizz Beatz, X also said he is trying to clock studio time with Kanye West.

“I’m working on the album right now,” he explained in an interview. “Getting this sh*t done. I got a few more songs to go. I got a crazy joint with Sean Kingston. F*cking sick, yo. Fire. And I got some sh*t with Swizz that’s ridiculous…I just hit Kanye West the other day for some beats. Also, the same people that I been f*cking with, like Dame Grease. I’ve been working on this project for so long, I forgot who else gave me f*cking beats…I wanna shut n*ggas the f*ck up! I’m still on probation, so it is what it is. I’m just working man. That’s where my focus is, work…Hopefully [the album comes out] this year. I’m just getting it done. The release will be in the hands of the powers that be.” (Vibe)

The rapper recently dodged jail time after appearing in court for felony attempted assault earlier this year in an Arizona prison.

A judge has decided not to send the oft-troubled rapper to jail after he pled guilty to felony attempted aggravated assault a few weeks back. X was accused of verbally threatening guards at Tent City back in February. Instead, he got 18 months probation, fees and fines, and credit for time served. (TMZ)

Jadakiss recently spoke on X and his “Who’s Real” remix verse.

“Yeah the dog, welcome home baby,” Kiss said in an interview with Angie Martinez. “The dog is real good, he’s close by, he’s real close. The dog is around baby, he’s doing real good. He’s just chilling with family right now, you know what I mean? You’ll see him in a minute. [The remix] is good. I mean, his part [on the song] is done. Ladies and gentleman, you know what I do. I make magic, look forward to it, it’s coming. Real close.” (Hot 97)

X broke the news about his verse on the track last month.

“I was born ready for this [tour] man,” X said in an interview. “BFW, ‘Built For War’ that’s what we do all day, it’s nothing. It’s not a motherf*cking game man, this is what we do. It’s what we built for, it’s how we get down. Real talk. That new Kiss and Swizz joint, you know what I’m saying? ‘She’s phony, she’s fake, she’s fake, that’s the type of people I hate.’ Aigght? I’m on the remix, check that sh*t out son, real talk.” (AllAZHipHop)

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