DMX Addresses Alleged Officer Assault, “I Am Speaking To You As Earl Simmons”

DMX Addresses Alleged Officer Assault, “I Am Speaking To You As Earl Simmons”

Incarcerated rapper DMX has released a statement where he refutes reports of him assaulting a police officer earlier this week.

The former Def Jam artist claims the media has tried to paint him as a violent person.

“Many of you know me as DMX but right now I am speaking to you as Earl Simmons,” he said in a statement. “For the record, I want to state ‘I Did Not’ physically touch or hit an officer. This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility.” (TMZ)

However, County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the rapper did, indeed, react violently towards a corrections officer.

Arpaio says Simmons became upset Sunday after being told he could not have a meal he took from a serving tray. Arpaio says Simmons then threw the tray and its contents at an officer, who wasn’t injured.Simmons has been on a bread and water diet as punishment for an earlier jail violation. (Associated Press)

The incident reportedly took place while X was in lockdown.

He may be charged with felony aggravated assault. FOX 10 has learned that while in lock down, Simmons apparently assaulted a Sheriff’s detention officer. If convicted of these new charges, his probation could be revoked and he could be sentenced to 8 years in prison. (Fox News)

He was originally required to serve 90 days in jail on Arizona drug and animal cruelty charges.

Commissioner Phemonia Miller sentenced the rapper, whose name is Earl Simmons to 90 days in jail on January 30 with no credit for time he has already served. (ABC News)

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