DJ Whoo Kid Warns Emcees About Unreleased Videos, “I’m Putting It All Out” [Video]

DJ Whoo Kid Warns Emcees About Unreleased Videos, “I’m Putting It All Out” [Video]

G-Unit producer DJ Whoo Kid has sent a friendly warning out to all emcees as he prepares to unveil a collection of unreleased footage from as far back as the 1990’s.

After releasing unseen clips of Kanye West and T.I., Whoo Kid has promised to keep the unreleased material coming.

“Yo this is crazy, I’ve got unlimited footage man, you guys on those wack websites using regular content, I’ve got thousands of hours of video,” Whoo Kid promised in a recording. “And I mean, from the 90’s. The early T.I., the early Kanye, I was there before Kanye flipped his car. He don’t even know, I didn’t even remember filming him. But check it out, we did and I got it. So you can check it out, RadioPlanetTV, yo, who knows what’s in here. I hope you rappers ain’t got bad footage because I’m putting it all out.” (Radio Planet TV)

Earlier this week, the producer released a never-before-seen 2002 interview he conducted with Kanye West.

“Kanye West, super producer extraordinaire, allow myself to introduce myself,” Ye said in the October 2002 interview. “If you hadn’t heard just three seconds ago, I’m Kanye West, and you know, I’m also known for such hits as ‘H to the Izzo,’ you know, you see the gear — I try to switch the game up. Every time somebody do something, I’ma try to figure out something new man.” (Radio Planet TV)

Whoo Kid is also known for being a prankster and going too far with his humor toward other artists.

“That’s Whoo Kid being a smart a** and he’ll tell you ‘Oh I’m just trying to put your name out there,’ and I be like, okay you don’t have to do it with the BS,” R&B singer Olivia said in an interview. “I curse him out on a daily. Like, we’re good friends but I tell him to his face, ‘He’s an a**hole.’ He knows that. I stopped talking to him numerous times because of his mouth and then he’ll come back and apologize behind the scenes. Yes you are a punk because you apologize to me every time you little f*ggot and it pisses me off. But like I said, they’re all still my boys and like I said, he is doing the mixtape [for me] so it’s no love lost. I just gotta cuss at him because you don’t do that to people you care about. The general public doesn’t know it’s a joke, we know it’s a joke. We know it’s a joke but they don’t know.” (Forbez DVD)

The radio personality/deejay is also known for his early uprising with 50 Cent.

Initially just one among countless other mixtape DJs in New York, DJ Whookid rose to prominence alongside fellow Queens native 50 Cent and his G-Unit posse, whose freestyles he featured extensively and exclusively on his mixes. By the time 50 blew up in early 2003, Whookid (born Yves Mondesire) had already released a half-dozen or so mixtapes featuring G-Unit, including 50 Cent Is the Future, No Mercy, No Fear and God’s Plan. (All Music)

Check out DJ Whoo Kid speaking on his unreleased footage below:

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