DJ Whoo Kid Says Jay-Z Jokes Are All Fun & Games, “I’ve Worked W/ Almost Everyone Except Him” [Video]

DJ Whoo Kid Says Jay-Z Jokes Are All Fun & Games, “I’ve Worked W/ Almost Everyone Except Him” [Video]

G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid recently talked about his reaction to Jay-Z‘s joint Watch the Throne album and said despite past jokes toward Hov he has nothing but respect for him.

Co-signing the album for its originality, Whoo Kid spoke on Jay attending one of his recent New York City events.

“[Watch the Throne] is really good. It went left field and the fact is that I’ve worked with almost everyone except Jay-Z,” Whoo Kid revealed in an interview. “But the fact he came to one of the parties in New York City was kind of gangster. I mean, I made fun of him a couple times with the ‘Camel Battle’ but his publicist called me and I told him it was a joke. I’m not gonna get missing or anything. But other than that, it’s just cool to see that he wants to hang with Whoo Kid.” (E! Online)

In summer 2009, DJ Whoo Kid released his “Camelgate” video poking fun at Jay’s physical features.

The “Camelgate” scandal began in June 2009, as Jay-Z called out various DJ’s and artists on his diss track ‘DOA (Death of Autotune),’ and Shade 45’s DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Mandog heard this: Stop your blood clot crying/The kid the dog everybody dying/No lyin, your n*ggas’ jeans too tight/Your colors too bright, your voice too light/ — Jay-Z ‘D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)’ Now, all the way from the sands of Morocco, DJ Whoo Kid responds. This is “Camelgate (Jockin Jay-Z).” (Radio Planet TV)

West Coast rapper Game previously went at Jay by making Joe Camel references.

R.E.D. Album coming soon,” Game said at the end of his “I’m So Wavy” diss song. “I see you downloading my swag, camel face. Blueprint 3 gonna sell more cigarettes than it do records, n*gga. Now I know why the taxes went up on tobacco motherf*cker.” (“I’m So Wavy”)

Dipset’s Cam’ron, who was once signed to Roc-A-Fella Records, also dissed Jay on his “You Gotta Love It” 2006 record about the rapper’s looks.

“Killa, let’s go,” he rapped. “Who could f*ck with me, no mammal/But we tote handles, at your open-toe sandals/And you look like Joe Camel/Off of Roc-A-Fella, right? No contract/We bust the flyest joint, they put us out the contract.” (“You Gotta Love It”)

Check out DJ Whoo Kid’s interview below:

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