DJ Whoo Kid On Nas Beef Rumors, “What He Did To Me Was P***y” [Video]

DJ Whoo Kid On Nas Beef Rumors, “What He Did To Me Was P***y” [Video]

G-Unit associate DJ Whoo Kid recently spoke on his issues with Nas and why the rapper used 50 Cent as an excuse to skip their interview on his radio show.

While giving Nas props for his rap contributions, Whoo Kid broke down why he mocked the rapper in an interview last month.

“I respect Nas and all the sh*t he’s done,” Kid explained. “But personally, what he did to me was p*ssy. It was a p*ssy thing. But I was telling [Rick Ross‘ baby’s mother] Tia that, but the [online video footage] kept that. He refused to come on my show because of 50 Cent and he told my boy that. And my boy, I had my boy, I could understand if your A&R is playing around with me like ‘I don’t want to come to your show blah blah blah’ but I had my boy personally go ask him and he personally said ‘Nah I can’t do it man, I just can’t do it.’ Well you know everybody on my show, I really wanted Nas on my show. I was with him even before the It Was Written and crap like, when he was beefing with Jay-Z I was there. I bought him the bean pie and all that stuff. If it wasn’t for that beef with Jay-Z, he would not be who he is today. That was the personal anger that I had to put out there. But other than that, I’m not dissing Nas.” (True Stories TV)

In addition to dissing Nas on “Piggy Bank,” 50 previously spoke on his issues with the fellow Queens, New York rapper.

“You know what me and Nas we was cool we used to be good,” Fif said in a 2005 interview. “I didn’t understand his actions. The first thing that started feeling a little off with him was the Jennifer Lopez sh*t. I had done a record on the Jennifer Lopez album right and this after I got shot this is the first thing I’m doing trying to come back out. Irv [Gotti] was running around calling everybody and saying don’t do business with these guys you do business with him we are not f*cking with you. At the time they were selling records so people weigh there value by what you can do for them and they were leaning towards Irv and them and they actually took me off the record and put Nas on the record cause she was on Columbia and Nas is on Columbia.” (Six Shot)

Whoo Kid has been known to side with Fif in his rap battles and most recently confirmed their feud with Rick Ross had come to an end.

“50’s done ten freestyles,” he explained in an interview. “I’m waiting on like, two more. I guess he’s trying to figure out the title. And I’ve been doing a lot of those Radio Planet videos, so I’m gonna put together a RadioPlanet.TV 50 Cent video. Those are my video mixtapes I’ve been putting out, killing the Web waves…The Rick Ross sh*t is outta here. It’s over, he’s done his promo, 50 promoted his album very well, so Rick Ross is outta here. Now he’s worried about his own sh*t. They got the Tia [Kemp] book out there. That should be the last level of anything that has anything to do with Rick Ross.” (MTV)

Kid also recently voiced his thoughts on Nick Cannon and Eminem‘s recent differences.

“One of the main reasons [he’s popular] is he f*cked Mariah Carey,” Whoo Kid said in an interview. “That’s hot right there. No condom too? What. He peed on her and everything too. He was like the first R. Kelly situation. He’s actually against Nick Cannon. I don’t see Nick Cannon really going back at him ’cause he’s like the weirdo of the hip-hop community ’cause he married this girl for nothin’. For money I guess. He’s like the reverse gold digger or something, I don’t know. That’s what they call him now, so.” (Opie & Anthony)

Check out Whoo Kid’s interview below:

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