DJ Whoo Kid On Eminem & 50 Cent Collabo, “They Been Talking About That Sh*t For Years” [Audio]

DJ Whoo Kid On Eminem & 50 Cent Collabo, “They Been Talking About That Sh*t For Years” [Audio]

G-Unit associate DJ Whoo Kid recently spoke on the status of a possible Eminem and 50 Cent collaboration album and the likelihood of its release.

Whoo Kid said a mixtape was also considered if the project fell through.

“They been talking about that sh*t for years,” he said in an interview. “We even talked about it in the mixtape format. It’s an incredible situation [that] I hope one day goes down. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I don’t know what they gonna call that. I remember Em joked about that, ‘Let’s call it Ebony and Ivory.’ Society is gonna have to force these guys to do it…the scheduling, Em’s album, 50’s album, it’s all scheduling. We’ve talked about it the last three, four years..They naturally grew into a family-type bond. 50 hangs more with Eminem and he’s more connected with Eminem than [Dr.] Dre.” (MTV)

Former XXL Magazine Editor-In-Chief Elliot Wilson also weighed in on the possible joint project.

“I don’t think Em and 50 will ever get it together to do an album,” Wilson said in an interview. “I know there was talk of [a joint album] when 50 first blew up and it was gonna be called Black and White. I personally love that title. I’m sure there are plenty of unreleased records they’ve done and some kinda compilation could be released one day. But as far as a full-fledged album recorded together, that’s doubtful. Then again, this is hip-hop, so what the f*ck do we know?” (VH1)

50 recently spoke on the chemistry he creates with Em and Dre.

“I think we absolutely in a great space considering his project is where it’s at, number one,” Fif said in an interview regarding Relapse. “And it’s working. Until they find a collaboration of artists that work as well as we do together, I don’t think we got issues…I feel like [Em] is the best rapper because he possesses the way to say things that aren’t supposed to be cool.” (106 & Park)

Aside from the duo’s possible project, Em’s comeback album Relapse landed atop its competition this week.

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has made his triumphant return to hip-hop with the No. 1 album of the year and in the country this week. According to Nielsen Soundscan, Slim Shady’s comeback project Relapse debuted on the charts with 609,400 copies after seven days in stores. (Sales Wrap)

Check out Whoo Kid’s interview below:

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