DJ Whoo Kid, Joe Budden, Q-Tip React To Mavs’ Championship, “Birdman Loses $2 Million”

DJ Whoo Kid, Joe Budden, Q-Tip React To Mavs’ Championship, “Birdman Loses $2 Million”

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden, DJ Whoo Kid, Q-Tip and more have shared their reaction to the Dallas Mavericks upsetting the Miami Heat by winning the NBA Finals championship.

Showing his siding with the Mavs, Budden applauded the Heat for their efforts.

“S/O to both teams 4 an amazing final. Now ….. handle all this lockout talk,” Budden tweeted Sunday (June 12).

“Heat fans … y’all have a great team & had a great season. Nothing to be mad at. & on 2nd thought, i won’t be bashing y’all.”

“But i called Dallas in 6 & i’m up about 8 stacks … i’ll take free $ all day long.” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

DJ Whoo Kid relished the win and poked fun at Miami Heat fan/rapper Birdman who said he had $2 million on the South Beach team.

“ok BIRDMAN loses 2million — I win $250 x 16 idiots = $4000 — nice and CLEVELAND, Ohio wins the NBA finals!!!!!!!!” (DJ Whoo Kid’s Twitter)

Q-Tip said this was Miami’s prime opportunity to win an NBA championship.

“And next year its gonna be even worse for miami… This was their year. #choke,” he tweeted. (Q-Tip’s Twitter)

DJ Scratch poked fun at a few of the Miami Heat players for their season-ending loss.

“[Miami] Heat: How did you let Shawn Marion win a ring? LOL,” he tweeted.

“Oh, NOW you wanna take shots Lebron?”

“D*mn Chris Bosh is crying like a college player.”

“I salute the Miami Heat for making it to the Finals in their 1st season of this new team tho. They’re 2 players away from a ring.” (DJ Scratch’s Twitter)

The Dallas Mavericks’ return to the Finals was its first since 2006.

Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks are NBA champions, and they went through LeBron James for that long-awaited first title. Jason Terry scored 27 points, Nowitzki added 21 and the Mavericks topped the Miami Heat 105-95 in Game 6 of the NBA finals on Sunday night. The Mavericks won four of the series’ last five games, a turnabout that could not have been sweeter after seeing the Heat celebrate their first title in Dallas after Game 6 of the 2006 finals. (MSNBC)

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